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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Unity and Humble

The gates of Holiness are barely gaining strength... "Jerusalem Affairs Minister Edri has asked the police to consider banning the Homosexual Parade in Jerusalem, scheduled for nine days from now. The police are leaning towards calling it off".

http://israelnationalnews.com/news.php3?id=114626 "The fight against the march has knocked down all barriers in the hareidi and religious camps. The Hassidic sectors - Belz, Gerrer, and others - together with Litaim (non-Hassidic), as well as the Sephardi-hareidim and the religious-Zionist sectors - all are standing together against this parade."

Perhaps the parade will have the reverse effect in the Heavens. Instead of G-d being angry at us allowing this to happen, G-d will be happy with His people for standing together to fight the indecency. The unity that Am Yisrael has created against this evil will G-d willing bring the Moshiach even closer and without a need for a fight.

The fight is not over yet till it's officially announced... Continue praying...

A very important lesson our Merciful Father is teaching us:
Why do you find it hard to say you are sorry and apologize for what you've done? There may be several reasons -- but the most important is pride. You hate to admit you were wrong, and you hate to lose face in the eyes of other people.

Orchot Tzadikim, Chapter 1: Distance yourself from exhibiting pride, for it opens the door to numerous mishaps, and it is the worst trait of them all.

"It is written in the Zohar, that when God desires to take back a person's spirit, then all the days that he has lived in this world pass in review before him," the soul replied, "and this is exactly what happened to me. Just before my death, I recited the confessional, as every Jew is supposed to do, and I thought over everything which I had done. Then my entire life passed before me -- and I saw that in every instance, I had acted in exactly the right way. My whole life had been totally kosher and totally good. When I realized this, a great feeling of egotistical pride came over me. As luck would have it, right in the middle of this feeling, I died, with no time to repent of that sinful pride.
"When I arrived at the Heavenly Court, that sin of pride was still clinging to me like a soiled coat. And because of that sin, the Heavenly Court decreed that I must return to earth once more, in order to atone for my pride."

Within every angry person's mind lies the illusion, created by his pride, that everything and everyone surrounding him were created to serve his needs . . . Because anger (rage) is the ultimate expression of pride, anger and a feeling of closeness to G-d are mutually exclusive. One cannot subordinate himself simultaneously to G-d and to his own idolized self . . . Anyone who wants to achieve closeness to G-d must exercise the opposite of pride: humility and self- effacement''

"Pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall" (Proverbs 16:18).

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