Dreaming of Moshiach

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Lift Your Eyes to HaShem

ויאמר יהוה אל משה עשה לך שרף ושים אתו על נס והיה כל הנשוך וראה אתו וחי.
And HaShem said to Moshe, make an image of a snake and put it on a rod, and anyone who has been wounded by the snakes, looking on it will heal and live.

On 7 Kislev, Malach Saraf (Ministering Angel) told me this Passuk and explained the following:
During the war between Am Israel and Amalek, when Moshe Rabbenu, zs'l, raised up his arms, the Jews would win the war. But when Moshe Rabbenu lowered his arms, the Jews would lose the war.

Is it possible that Moshe Rabbenu's raised hands caused Am Israel to win the war? This is to teach us when Am Israel is looking upwards and their hearts are enslaved to our Father, HKB'H, they win but if not, they lose.

Why was it necessary to place a snake, does the snake give life or kill? When Am Israel looked towards the sky to our Father, they would heal and if not, they became ill.

Bnei Israel realized that it wasn't Moshe Rabbenu who split the red sea, his raised arms did not cause winning the war, and the snake cannot make ill or heal. ONLY HKB'H has the "keys" for giving life and death, winning or losing.

How does one win a war? Only with Emunah, trusting HaShem. Without prayer and trusting HaShem, a war cannot be won, period. Each individual that realizes this, turn to HaShem and pray to HaShem to survive and pray that Merciful HaShem save you and your family.





והיה השם למלך על כל הארץ, ביום ההוא יהיה השם אחד - ושמו אחד ישתבח שמו לעד לנצח נצחים בכל העולמות Blessed is His name for eternity in all worlds אין עוד מלבדו