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Sunday, October 01, 2006

Who Needs a Mosquito?

Last nite I dreamed about mosquitos eating away the Palestenians/arabs. The dream is not clear to me. In the dream, I kept repeating Baruch HaShem, Be'ezrat HaShem and HaShem Hu HaElokim. The Geula process will come thru mosquitos and in the dream, it was proven thru the case of Titus.[+/-] show/hide text

The Roman Emperor Titus defiled and destroyed the Beis Hamikdash in Jerusalem. Upon his return to Rome on a ship, he loaded with the sacred vessels he had looted from it. The gemara (Mesechta Gittin 56b) relates that when Hashem sent a giant wave to drown the ship, Titus defiantly challenged the Creator to fight him on dry land and not on the water where He had crushed Pharaoh and Sisera. Hashem's response was that He would send the tiniest of His creatures to battle Titus on land. When Titus landed, a mosquito entered his nose and crept into his brain. It remained there for seven years, eating away at the brain of this haughty sinner and causing him the most severe pain.

One of the Sages, Rabbi Pinchas ben Aruva zs'l, related that he was present when the Romans performed an autopsy on Titus after his death. In his skull they discovered that the tiny mosquito had grown into a substantial bird - a classic example of a seemingly superfluous creature carrying out its Divinely dictated mission.

In the gemara, Rabbi Yehuda zs'l points out how some of these harmful creatures can be used damage caused to man by other creatures. The Midrash says the harmful creatures serve the purpose of punishing the wicked who deserve the damage inflicted upon them.

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