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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

NEW - Autistics Talk About War

The war in Israel was and is and will be the war against the Sitra Achra (SA)- the impurities
"...I see the Sitra Achra becoming wild...enemy before its death..."

FC with Binyamin Golden:
Question: Why didn't we win the war, was it becuz of negligence?

Answer: It is not becuz of negligence. It is becuz this is the direction of success. It is a very difficult process and we need to be heros and say "It doesn't matter, I will continue"
Continue with all power and force! Do not rest, any minute of resting might mean losing. Alas, what we are asking is only to save Jews, that's it, just to save Jews from the SA. The time is short and the work is tremendous. There is no time. I can tell you, continue, do not tire, continue and continue!!! The SA will not leave you, he wants to stop you, and know that the SA is like a wild child that needs spanking; he'll stop bothering you if you beat him and go to the next person.

FC with Galia:
It must be understood that the strength of the SA know that this is the end for them, like a wild animal that is wounded, they are they are trying to overcome with their last strength and bring down more people to be as them: wicked, impertinence (chutzpa), violence, wars, and abuse.
We must continue our holy path and do the Will of HaShem and not answer to the Yetzer Hara (evil inclination) that comes from impurities and tries to tempt us to sin. The more the Kdusha (holiness) rises thru Mitzvot and Torah, the lower the strength of the impure will go down. The more Mitzvot we will do, the less we will be harmed.

FC with M.:
Why are you so bitterly crying?
M.: I see things that frighten me... I see the SA getting wilder because we are so close to the "end of the road" and the SA does not want us to succeed. I am very afraid and worried that this is the final war against the Yetzer Hara. The Yetzer Hara will not surrender easily. This is going to be the war for eternal life for every Jew.

FC with brain damage M.:
Fight the SA will all your energy.
The situation will be like a soldier fighting with a ready-to-fire weapon and shoots many bullets, but all the bullets are gone, so he takes the weapon and starts beating his enemies left and right with his weapon. But the weapon drops from his hand, and he is left only with his hands, and with his hands he hits, and with his legs he kicks, and with his teeth, he bites. This is the current situation.

Jews; in Shamayim, there are scales. Esav is filling up his side of the scale, and Yaakov (avinu a'h) is also scampering with handfuls to fill up his side of the scale. Let's create good angels to defend us and fill up the scale with Kdusha (holiness).

FC with anonymous:
The enemy is before death.
I am informing you now, it's not going to be easy. The enemy is prior to death and knows that his days are numbered and wants to take down with him as many as possible. To die alone is not satisfactory for the SA. He'll take down as many as he can and its going to be a merciless and cruel war. Don't be fooled to think it will be easy, and if there will be moments that seem simple and easy to win, know that the harsh strike will come right after, so do not be afraid and don't stop.
Am Israel will live but how long and how many will survive and those who will survive, in what condition? It's not going to be easy. If you talk about Achdut (unity), they will fight you stronger becuz there are many angels that are in separate groups and they will need to unite, under one flag, and there is no leader that can rule over them. This is the situation; they will fight against becuz they will lose in their approach and they will be scared. And if you will speak against Machloket (disagreement/divisions), they will also fight you, becuz what they say is LeShem Shamayim.

Question: Is there reason to be afraid of the SA that he'll prevent Avodat HaShem, such as rescuing the Jewish nation?
Answer: The SA is extremely strong and also small. Now he seems gigantic becuz many Jews have allowed him to enter their homes and hearts without being aware. This strengthens the SA. HaShem will kill him together with the Jewish hearts and homes that permitted him entrance, unless his is removed beforehand.
You must continue to fight him even if he's next to your bed while you sleeping, next to your table, while you are eating. If you are occupied with saving Jews, the SA cannot enter but BEWARE! He is very conniving and can convince you that you are saving Jews and in reality, you are sinning and causing others to sin.

translated from http://olam-jew.com/mesarim-mehashmaim.htm




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