Dreaming of Moshiach

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Our Beloved Father

Dear Nava:
Reading your blog, I can only get to one conclusion: there is no hope. Hashem will destroy Israel. Whenever strong, large armies fight against a small country, they win. I cannot find any exception in the history. Remember the first and second beit Hamikdash? Both times Israel was destroyed with either babylonians or Romans.

Although the only thing that could save us the first time, was having a leader who would listen to a prophet's (or seer) proposed strategits. [+/-] show/hide text
Regardless of people being religious or not, if they had surrendered to Babylonians, they would have been saved. Prophets could see the future, like some psychics we have today and it has nothing to do with religion.

I think this explains that all we need right now is some good seer to tell us what I think this explains that all we need right now is some good seer to tell us what Hashem's plans are. You are right about the eminent danger, but if we weren't saved before, how can we do it now? the criteria for redemtion that people should is stupid (no insult intended) becuase of two reasons:
1. you cannot expect normal inteligent people to stop thinking and having different ideas about life and religion. Jews will always be thinking and deciding if it is right to accept religious ideas or not
2. No one can turn to Hashem without being able to SEE Him (with their soul's eyes) which needs years of meditation and studying Torah...

So I think all we can do is not to wait or pray for redemption, but to pray that He may make it fast, and painless.
HL, When you cling to a tremendously powerful Father, nothing scares you; that's the key to real inner security.

A Jewish soul never gives up. A picture is worth a thousand words.

It says that when a person is praying and a snake comes at him, he should ignore the snake and continue praying. If the person has complete Emunah in HaShem, the snake will move away from the person and not harm him.

"When the going gets tough, the tough get going".
HaRav Avichai Cohen Shlita; With all the gifts he was given by HaShem to succeed in the big world - he was an elite model; money, success, world-wide fame, fancy cars and houses, travelling, had all materialistic goods. He looked for a meaning of life in different cultures and religions and finally found his own religion, Judaism. He is now a certified Rav and gives shiurim.



והיה השם למלך על כל הארץ, ביום ההוא יהיה השם אחד - ושמו אחד ישתבח שמו לעד לנצח נצחים בכל העולמות Blessed is His name for eternity in all worlds אין עוד מלבדו