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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

A Letter To My Neighbors

Crossing the Yarden
By Yarden Frankl
(c) Al HaMakom

To all my neighbors whose sons are in Lebanon and Gaza:

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but I know who you are. One cannot live in a small Yishuv without hearing whose son is where. I can see the strain on your faces that normally have that wonderful Israeli "Ain Ba'aya" (no problem) look.

I cannot imagine how you feel. My children are my world. There is nothing more precious to me. You must be in agony right now. I don't have words to express my feelings for you and your families. I saw an article which quoted a Golani Brigade commander's statement to his soldiers before crossing the Northern border. His words are far more eloquent than anything I could write:

"We will not lose this war. We did not start it, but it's our duty to protect the Jewish nation and see to it that the residents of Metula and Haifa can live in peace. If we don't do it, no one will. We waited 2,000 years for our own state, and we won't fold because a group of terrorists think that they can scare us."

What can I possibly say to you, who must be so worried about your children? Only this:

No one came for the Jews in Auschwitz until it was too late. While the world watched, Nazi Germany proudly bragged about how they would murder Jews and then started to do it. There were no Golani commandos breaking down walls to rescue the children being led to their deaths. No Israeli Air Force was around to bomb gas chambers or rocket launchers that our enemies use today.

Our enemies have not changed, and I doubt they ever will. Yet, if there is hope for the Jewish people today it is only because of your sons. If the rest of us can ever go to sleep without fear, it is because of your sons. If the Jewish people today can answer the Hitlers, Ahmadinejads, and Nasrallas of the world with more than words, it is because of your sons.

Today I look at the neighborhood kids including my own. David, Yonaton,Yoni, Gabi, Max, Yedidya, and many more. These kids play soccer and video games and want to go to the mall. Like all kids, they should be able to enjoy their childhood, without fear. They can, because of your sons. One day, (please G-D it should not come too soon), it will be the turn of these kids playing soccer in sandals to protect those who have not yet been born.

I pray hard, real hard, that by the time their classmates are 18 years old, there will be no more war, no more need for parents to stay up all night and sit by the phone. No more bastards who delight in the death of Jewish children.

Yet if that dream could ever come true, it will only be because of the risks and responsibilities that the current generation has chosen to take on.

During Tisha B'Av, I have no doubt that the floor of the Beit Knesset will be wet with tears as we beseech G-D that all the boys come home safely and soon.

The little complaints that we Olim Chadishim have with government offices, or building contractors, or mortgage banks are nothing but dust when compared with the fears of parents whose sons are risking their lives to defend the Jewish nation.

For all the boys in combat right now and their families, I consider it an honor to be your fellow citizen.

Shabbat Shalom from our blessed nation. Come home safe.

Yarden Frankl is the former Executive Director of the Torah School of Greater Washington. He made Aliyah in July 2005 and lives with his family in Neve Daniel.

To listen to the historical rise of Nazism and Adolph Hitler, a strong case is made for seeing the presence of G-d during these horrific times.



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