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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Am Yisrael is in Danger

Partial translation of the latest, lengthy post from YN's yedid nefesh at Hashem1 (http://hashem1.net/?p=351)

Rav Zer, shlit"a
"Am Yisrael is in danger" is the way the Rosh Yeshiva of "Ohr David", the mekubal Harav Daniel Zer, shlit"a, framed the present situation.

Also, in the Rav's most recent shiur he referred a number of times to the situation, but this time he made reference to things of a tangible danger. He instructed the people in attendence to stay to recite slichos and not to go home: "The soldiers are in danger, Am Yisrael is in danger, and you go home to sleep?! How can anyone think to sleep at all?"

The Rav said that in this period we must strive to constantly be speaking words of kedusha, to say Tehillim or any word of kedusha that we know to say from memory, and to repeat it over and over as a protection for Am Yisrael. We must do tshuva now, to accept on ourselves as many mitzvot as possible, said the Rav, and he added:

Everyone, you must understand. It is impossible to run from the Creator of the world. We are His children, He will not abandon us. If we will not do tshuva, He will compell us to do tshuva. He will close us in from all sides. But when He does the closing--woe unto us! So why return to Him amidst pressure? Why not return to Him from His goodness?

These words reflect the situation of Acharit Hayamim as described by the sages, what will happen if Israel doesn't do tshuva before Moshiach comes. It is not a question if we will all do tshuva (each one according to his level, even tzaddikim), because this is already established from the beginning, according to the words of the sages and all the Torah leaders of the generations; the question is only how we will do tshuva. And if it isn't sufficient, there are plenty of warnings of what frightening things could transpire in Israel and in the world (since Jews are dispersed throughout the world).

Rav Zer mentioned the solar eclipse that occured on erev Rosh Chodesh Nissan, and the holy sefer "Yalkut Moshe" about this solar eclipse: "there will be damage to the kings of the East, animals will die, rulers will fall, mighty ones will fall, a mighty storm wind". The Rav's words hint to me [author of Hashem1] that America will make war against Iran and explode their nuclear reactor:

Maybe they (the Americans) will seize the moment in order to bring it to them (the Iranians), because they are the source of all the evil. This will be our "korban Pesach". You know the meaning of "Pesach"? Paras Syria Hezbollah.

The Rav brought other statements from the sefer regarding the month of Av--that the three days from Rosh Chodesh Av are days which require a lot of tefilla for Am Yisrael, since the sefer describes them as "very difficult days". Thus the Rav beseeched people to "shake worlds" with slichot and tshuva.

The Rav hinted that the war is a difficult spiritual war, and said that due to the difficult situation he is unable to concentrate on other things, even his weekly shiur.

See a video of Rav Zer here: http://26.hashem1.net/mm/ravzer260706.wmv

Rav Mutzafi, shlit"a
In his recent shiur, Rav Mutzafi, shlit"a strengthened the view that this is a spiritual war. He declared that what happens to the "sar" (ruling spiritual source) of the nation in the spiritual war determines what happens in this world. He brought an example from his father, Rav Salman Motzafi, zy"a, that according to the words of the leaders of the non-Jewish nations down here he could know what they were saying in the supernal worlds.

From here it is clear that victory will come only through spiritual means. Meaning tshuva, good deeds, fulfilling Torah and Mitzvot, learning Torah, and not via the Army.

Similarly, the Rav revealed that in shamayim the "sar" that is fighting for Hezbollah is the sar of Iran, namely Persia. Later on he said that this is also the sar of Lebanon and Syria. Therefore, it means that in spiritually Israel is already at war with Persia (Iran), as is stated in sources.

Listen to Rav Mutzafi here: http://26.hashem1.net/mm/ravmuzafi260705.wma



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