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Friday, August 01, 2014

Tunnels - Footsteps of Moshiach

On July 06, 2007, I wrote an article called

Mekubal Sheinberger Shlita: Footsteps of Moshiach:

Looking back at it, it's mind-boggling to actually see that the Rav was able to foresee 7 years earlier what is happening today in Israel "Edge of Protection" ...

"Our enemy neighbors are working full time, nonstop day and nite, for many years. They want us to be asleep, to be busy with politics and scandals so they can prepare the 'final solution'. Those that want to continue sleeping, sleep. But know, it's only a small break till the next war. 

They have collected so many weapons for the next war. They are prepared to war from the ground (tunnels), air, and water. They are now in the tunnels, and it could be till Tel Aviv. In the next war, it is IMPOSSIBLE for us to win naturally.

Am Israel is in a very dangerous position. The arabs have much help from the nations of the world. We see how cruel they are even against their own brothers (Hamas vs. Fatah).

The enemies are digging tunnels underground that can reach till Tel Aviv. But we are asleep and this is their intention.
The Torah of Israel and Moshe Rabenu is real and authentic
 משה אמת ותורתו אמת




Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy to see you here again.............

Anonymous Anonymous said...

one of the terrorists said that they were preparing these tunnels since 2007, and even before

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't trust a Government (ISRAEL) who betrayed, betrays & ignores the right of its civilians living safely! Our government lost credibility and morals .. they are more concerned about the residents of GAZA and not to harm the Terrorist Enemy State than they are for our citizens…

IDF, MOSAD were silence for the past 5 years & they knew all about the Tunnels but Netanyahu & his Cabinet bunch of Lefty Self Hating Jews did nothing to avoid the Tunnel & Rockets Issue! Our Anti G-d Anti Torah Zionist Government is the Cause of our Miseries in Israel .. they Allow and sponsor GAY PARADE's in the Holy Land in JERUSALEM!!..

They sacrifice the Lives of our Young Heores for Pointless War without destroying the Enemy… in this WAR "WE" LOST!

We have to Admit that we lost since 63 Soldiers lost their lives for Politics… we could have finished the WAR with the Terrorist GAZA state in a day but they chose to endanger the life our Soldiers our young heroes by insane policy of don't shoot unless you are shot at! watch for Terrorist Civilians in GAZA and that caused 63 innocent lives.. SHAME ON OUR GOVERNMENT for FAILING TO PROTECT ITS CITIZENS FROM THE DAILY TERROR ACTIVITY IN ISRAEL! WE NEED A RELIGIOUS GOVERNMENT…

Now all the leftist in Tel Aviv can go back parading their low life secular lifestyle of being pork eaters, homos, and Shabbos violates, while the border towns and cities will continue to be shelled. The government can go back to what they enjoy, harassing observant Jews while Arabs who sit in the Kenneseth and Israeli Supreme Court laugh at these secular foolish Jinos Jewish in name only stooges. In 12 years, Chareidim will soon take over as we will become the majority.

The Chareidim would not have lost even one soldier. If they would just cut the water electric fuel and food supply to the Gaza and watched them all die in a week. The stupid secular government worships democracy.

All the Israeli government cares about is that the filthy gay SHAME parade in Israel in Jerusalem the Holy city, should take place august 18th. The poor idiots postponed it from august 7th due to the war. For this we need peace? To rebel against the sacred Torah???

Anonymous Anonymous said...

בס״ד ובא לציון גואל ברינה. ברגעים אלו ממש, משיח בן דוד מתגלה בטבריה ומוסר הודעה בשם הבורא יתברך, וזה לשונה: ״עוד היום ט׳ באב תשע״ד, תרד הגאולה בפועל לעולם העשיה ותתבטא בתחילה בדרך הבאה, עוד היום ימטיר הבורא יתברך אש וגופרית על כל עזה. אלו שפגעו בבני ישראל באש וגופרית, גזרו על עצמם דין ״אש וגופרית״. לאחר מכן תהיה שם רעידת אדמה ומי הים יכסו את עזה כולה ולא ישאר מהם שריד ופליט כי הגדישו את הסאה. עוד היום הזה תהיה רעידת אדמה בהר הבית, שני המסגדים יבלעו באדמה כלא היו. עוד היום ירד בית המקדש השלישי שלם באש מהשמיים. שלם ומושלם על כל כליו. לאחר מכן תתחיל תחיית המתים. בעקבות הדברים הללו מיד בני ישראל יחזרו בתשובה שלמה מאהבה לאבינו שבשמים. תהליך גאולתנו מתחיל כנאמר ביום זה ממש ט׳ באב תשע״ד יום אשר הופך לנו לחג. בשם הבורא יתברך, בשעה טובה ובברכת שהחיינו, משיח בן דוד.

Anonymous Dov Bar-Leib said...

this could be it and sabatticial year

Anonymous Dov Bar-Leib said...

Moshelia said moshiach will must come 5775
Buy pesach we will hair shorar

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I miss your posts and return frequently.

May you soon post about the coming of the Moshiach.

Shavua tov and Chanukat Somaiach!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is this really a jewish, real jewish, not messianic... blog? It looks just like a messianic/Christian site with all the dreams etc. I am just asking. cause it looks strange to me coming FROM Christianity and converting to Judaism. Thanks

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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