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Sunday, November 02, 2008


Why is Am Israel suffering so much? Why are there so many illnesses? Why so many tragedies in Am Israel? Why are we suffering so much? Why are there so many widoes and orphans in Am Israel? Why is Am Israel drowning in pain, lack of livlihood, illnesses, suffering?

Rav Ovadia Yosef Shlita
What I'm saying is from the Gdolei HaDor and poskim and not from my heart and my mind. 200 years ago Hagaon Pinchas Levy Horwitz, zs'kl, the Av Bet Din in Frankfurt took out a sefer Torah and with 2 talmidei Chachamim Dayanim, he placed a complete cherem (total exclusion of a person from the Jewish community) on any woman that wears a wig in public. He said on the Sefer Torah that any woman wearing a wig will be placed on the highest ecclesiastical censure.

The reason a wig is prohibited is because it is not modest - it doesn't matter if the hair of the wig comes from India or Ghana - it remains immodest.

The Vilna Gaon, Chatam Sofer, Rabbi Abraham Palággi, zs'kl, as well as additional Gaonim prohibited women to wear wigs. The Gaon Vosner Shlita wrote in his sefer that wearing any form of a wig is absolutely prohibited.

Every women that wishes her sons to be Tzaddikim, the Zohar HaKadosh writes, "she must be modest." Women that wear wigs do not have Yirat Shamayim - fear of heaven. The biggest problem is these women think it's allowed and they deny the Tzaddikim's cherem. Those that make fun of women that are modest and cover their hair with kerchiefs, their sin is multifaceted, oy to them.

If a woman wants to cover her hair with kerchief but her husband doesn't allow her, he is considered a wicked man, a sinner that causes others to sin, oy to him. His Torah is invalid and unacceptable. All his deeds are corrupt.

If we don't believe our Poskim and Gaonim that said that wigs are prohibited, who are we going to believe?

Posek HaDor HaGaon Rabbi Shmuel HaLevy Vosner Shlita
What benifit is a kosher Mezuza if the impurity enters the Jewish home?. A wig's origin is from Tachtit Sheol (lowest hell). We are witnesses that we want to be Bnei Torah and simoutaneously enjoy the 'modern' world. The wives wears immodest clothing that comes from the central immodest country - Paris. Women need to cover their hair in the upmost modest way but unfortunately, in many Jewish homes, many Jewish women has turned the Halacha into a performance and Jewish married women do not look religious. They don't even look like they are married women; they look more like actresses from the 'streets'. They don't look like holy women, they look like Paris fashion. ChaZaL says, "שיער באישה ערווה" hair on a woman is forbidden. What a forgery it is to cover hair with hair!! The wig is more sexually stimulating than natural hair. What forgery!!!

Whether women that wear wigs know or do not know that it's forbidden, they are sinners that cause others to sin חוטאים ומחטיאים. They cause their neighborhood and community to transgress a severe Torah prohibition, "ולא תתורו אחרי לבבכם ואחרי עיניכם do not go after your heart and your eyes".

HaGaon HaTzaddik Rabbi Shalom Shvadron, zs'kl
I want to tell you a true story and I wish it was not a true story. 25 years ago a girl came to our house and she spoke to my wife for 4 hours. While I was sitting and learning, I thought to myself that any person that speaks for 4 hours must need a drink. I told my wife, "perhaps give this girl a drink and something to eat?" The girl heard me and said to my wife, "it's not necessary. I'm going home and I'll eat and drink at my home." When she said that I realized this girl is married and has a husband. So why does she look like a girl? You think it's funny??? It's not funny!!! They want to look like unattached women. This 'wanting' is טְרֵפָה unfit, not Kosher!

The Torah says, "ופרע ראש האשה …and let him uncover the head of the woman". A woman that was not faithful to her husband, a Sotah, is disgraced. They disgrace her by removing her hair covering and now, women want to look like a Sotah???!!! A married woman wants to look like a Sotah??? She wants to look like a girl, that she's not married and available? A woman that wears a wig is as if she does not cover her hair! Stupid women! How can a woman like you have fear of Heaven? A woman that wears a wig has no holiness. Who gave women permission to wear hair on top of their hair? To wear a wig that looks better than her own hair and it doesn't even look like a wig! 24 Poskei HaDor of Israel forbid wigs. My grandfather ruled that Divrei Torah or even a blessing is forbidden to say infront of women that wears wigs. The only way Divrei Torah or a blessing can be said in such a situation is with closed eyes.

Women with wigs light the Shabbat candles Friday night and request 'things' from HaShem. OY VEY GEVALD!!!! She is praying to HKB'H? Her prayers are abomination! מסיר אזנו משמוע תורה גם תפילתו תועבה" A person that does not listen to Torah scholars, his prayers are abomination." HaShem will not listen to these prayers. In this black epidemic, rachman litzlan, who knows what Divine punishment is knocking on our door? HaShem have mercy on us.

HaGaon HaTzadik Rabbi Dan Segal Shlita
People come and tell me that they have hard tests but it is not from secular people, the tests are from Charedim. Women attract attention, especially married women. One look, one thought, HaShem protect us, it's a complete destructable fire. It's terrible, terrible! The evil inclination works 24 hours a day. It's horrible they consider it to be a head covering. The whole thing is ludicrous! I personally heard from my teacher and Rebbi, HaGaon Shlomo Zalman Auerbach, zs'kl, one of the world's foremost poskim and roshei yeshiva, 50 years ago he said that a woman wearing a wig entering Yerushalayim would be stoned. He said, "50 years ago the wigs looked like straw - even a blind person was able to see that it was a wig. But today, I cannot know if a woman is covering her hair or not." He added, "For me this is very repulsive. It's like someone who eats Kosher meat but makes every effort for the meat not to look Kosher. Women cover their hair and makes every effort to appear as if her hair is not covered."

Who can afford to carry this sin? It is promiscuity.

Many women want to cover their hair modestly but the bigger problem are their husbands - they will not allow it. It's not a simple time - we don't need, c'v, for HKB'H to send us sharper and clearer messages. HaShem is already shaking up the world - it's enough hint. We need to be modest as it says, "כל כבודה בת מלך פנימה "The King's daughter is all glorious within."

The main thing is modesty! Blessings, abundance, success begins with modesty. The Chofetz Chaim, zs'kl, says, "We pray so much, we learn so much, why there are no heavenly blessings? Why there is no livlihood? Why so many are so poor? The Chofetz Chaim says it is because we are not careful with modesty. We pray, learn, and make Brachot next to ערוה nakedness.

Oy, the weakness! What's left for HKB'H? Who remains loyal to HaShem? Very few individuals! Who observes modesty? It's like a father and all his sons betrayed him. Only one remained loyal but soon this son will also betray him and leave him. How much pain??? If we, the religious Jews, do not observe the Torah and its Mitzvot, what is left?

HaRav Uri Sofer Shlita
The Gerrer Rebbe, the Imrei Emet, z'skl, and the Chofetz Chaim announced in the largest gathering in 1918 of Jews and Rabbanim, "How can the heart of a Jew not shake and fear from the punishment of "לא יראה בך ערוות דבר ושב מאחריך He must not see anything indecent among you or He will turn away from you."

A few years after this gathering, over 6 million Jews were merciless murdered in the Holocaust War. Women bring the holocaust, c'v, with immodesty to Am Israel.

The Rambam, zs'kl, says there are 24 things that postpone repentance and there are things that cause a person to be judged to remain in Gehenom forever and ever. One of these are "מחטיא את האחרים causing others to sin."

The religious Jews of Am Israel are strict with many Mitzvot such as Kashrut, Matzah on Pesach, sitting in a Succa in Succot, fasting on Yom Kippur -- why are they not careful with modesty which is the core of the Mitzvot? No other Mitzva has so many warnings of punishment as modesty.

A few years ago there was a tremendeous scandal with Indian hair wigs and Jewish women removed their wigs and even burned them and began wearing only modest kerchiefs. We know that nothing is a coincidence and everything is Divine Providence. Why did HKB'H do this? An angel in Shamayim prosecuted Am Israel and it caused Am Israel to go thru a lot of suffering. The angel said to HKB'H "how is it possible that the chosen nation will not give HKB'H their most loved possession? 8 millions Indians sacrifice their hair to a false god and idol, they cut off all their hair to their false god, and the Jewish nation, who are light unto the nations, do not sacrifice their most loved possession for HKB'H?" A women's greatest beauty is her hair. HKB'H commanded women: When you get married, hide your hair because you must distance yourself from strangers. Cover your hair, cover your beauty, so you will be protected, hidden, and modest.

The seculars descended to such low levels because of the religious Jews. They see that we don't observe HaShem's Mitzvot and are not modest. ChaZaL says, "כפי הראש כך הזנב The tail follows the head." If the head is rotten so too the tail.

The key to bring the final redemption is with the women. CHaZaL says, "אין ישראל נגאלים אלא בזכות נשים צדקניות" Am Israel will not be redeem because of men, Rabbanim or Tzaddikim, only thru the merit of holy women. A woman that observes modesty, it is as if she is doing 100s of Mitzvot every second. Every drop of sweat that she sweats because she is dressed modestly, it becomes tal (dew) and this tal will be used for the resurrection.

Women of Am Israel - you must be strict and observe the laws of modesty and it will be in your merit that we will be redeemed speedily in our days, Amen.

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והיה השם למלך על כל הארץ, ביום ההוא יהיה השם אחד - ושמו אחד ישתבח שמו לעד לנצח נצחים בכל העולמות Blessed is His name for eternity in all worlds אין עוד מלבדו