Dreaming of Moshiach

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Moshiach's Ring

The following intense dream was bestowed on my husband on 18 Tamuz.

It was early morning and we were in our home somewhere in Israel when we heard yelling of panic on the streets. My husband looks out the window and saw people running in all directions, trying to duck missiles and bullets. It was total chaos and without thinking twice, I quickly grabbed some clothing and food and stuffed them into bags. The last thing I grabbed was an ancient small Sefer (holy book). I yelled to the children to hurry and we all quickly ran to the car, trying to escape the war.

In the car I tell my husband to quickly drive to the מדבר יהודה Judean Desert and not to worry about police ticketing us for speeding. In my mind, I knew we needed to get to the Judean Desert for the safety of my family, but at that point, I was not able to tell my husband the reason why and with all the panic, he didn't ask. My husband was trying to maneuver the car in between the people, cars, tanks, and bullets. The city was in total chaos and we saw people running, some hiding on trucks and some getting killed.

Finally, towards late evening, we arrived at Judean Desert safely. We found some run-down motel and my husband went inside to rent a room. We get our bags and follow the owner of the motel to show us our room. When he leaves the room, my husband opens the shade to see where he is going and sees that he is going thru a secret door on the ground floor, leading towards the basement. I ask my husband to close all the shades because I was still feeling very afraid of the war we just witnessed and was paranoid that we were being followed.

No one felt hungry, only very very tired. We decided that we will all go to sleep. At about midnight, I wake up feeling very frightened and I beg my husband that we leave immediately. My husband told me that even if he wanted to, he is too tired to drive but promised that as soon as he wakes up, we will leave right after morning prayers. I couldn't sleep a wink and when my husband finally woke up, he sees me totally awake and my eyes red with fatigue. "Please let's leave right now," I beg him. The kids and I were ready to leave and my husband quickly got up and took some of the bags with him to the car. While he was putting the bags of food and clothing inside the car, he saw that all 4 wheels of the car were punctured. At that moment, he heard me shrieking so loudly, he threw everything and quickly ran to our room.

"What happened, Nava? What's wrong? Did someone try to hurt you or the kids?" Panic-stricken and crying hysterically I answered, "The pouch is gone. The pouch is gone. I left it right here and now it's gone. You must help me find it." My husband was not sure what pouch I'm talking about. "Nava, which pouch, what did it have inside? Where did you put it? Did you check inside the bags?" "I can't tell you what is inside the pouch but if we don't find it immediately, I'd rather die here." This answer frightened my husband and he started sweating. "You must find the pouch," I warned him. "Think -- you are a smart man. Think where the pouch could be. It's a small gold pouch with a zipper on top. You must find it or else I die right now."

Thru the ordeal, my husband remembered seeing the owner of the motel go thru a secret door leading to the basement. He found an iron rod and went to the secret door only to find it tightly locked. With the iron rod, he broke the lock and opened the gate. He went down a few steps and saw the owner of the motel holding my small gold pouch. He told the owner of the motel, "I don't know how the pouch got into your hands, but it belongs to my wife. Give it back right now!" The owner of the motel started arguing with him that it's his pouch and without thinking twice, my husband struck him hard with the iron rod. The owner of the motel instantly died and his blood was splashed all over the walls.

My husband grabbed the pouch out of his dead hand and was anxious to know what's inside the pouch. He unzipped the zipper but although the zipper moved as if it was unzipping, the pouch remained zipped. He tried tearing the pouch and stretched in all corners but the pouch remained in its original size and did not tear. This frustrated my husband terribly. What is inside the pouch and why is his wife hiding it from him? He quickly ran back to our room and asked me, "Is this your pouch?" I couldn't believe that he found it, b'h. I was hysterically crying with relief. I quickly told him that we must leave right now before more danger arrives. He was sweating and his heartbeats could be heard miles away. "I'm not leaving this room till you tell me what is inside the pouch!" I answered that I cannot tell him what's inside the pouch but it's something good and as soon as we get to Yerushalayim, he'll know. But that was a not good enough answer for him. "Nava, I mean it. No one is leaving this room till you tell me what's inside this pouch. The owner of the motel could have stolen our money, jewelry or the car, but he didn't. He chose to steal your secret pouch - I want to know right now, and you are obligated to tell me because I'm your husband - what is inside the pouch!?".

I asked my husband if I tell him, how many questions will he have for me regarding the contents in the pouch. My husband replied that he cannot know the answer to that if he doesn't know what is inside. I told him that I'll open the pouch but he cannot ask more questions than the size of my palm. I unzipped the pouch and showed him the 3 rings. One ring was a large perfect egg-shaped silver stone, the second ring was a large perfect egg-shaped gold stone, and the third ring was a large perfect egg-shaped copperish stone.

My husband asked me what these rings are for and I said, "The gold ring is for Moshiach. The silver ring is for Eliyahu HaNavi (zachur latov). The copperish ring is for Dovid HaMelech (or Moshe Rabenu, a'h)."

At that point I was crying and begged my husband that we leave immediately. "We must go to Yerushalayim RIGHT NOW and give the rings to Moshiach. Without the rings, Moshiach cannot be revealed!"

My husband wanted to know where the precious stones came from and I answered, "They are stones belonging to the אבני חושן (the 12 gemstones of the Choshen that represented the 12 tribes of Israel) and without them, Moshiach cannot be revealed. We must leave immediately to Yerushalayim and give them to Moshiach."

Just then my husband remembered that all the wheels of the cars were punctured. He warned us not to step out of the room and locked the door behind him. He quickly ran to the car to see it he can find 4 spare wheels. Two turns from the motel, he found 4 wheels and quickly changed the wheels of the car. He ran to our room and as he opened the door with the key, he heard a strange voice counting down in Hebrew "10 --- 9 --- 8....". He took the iron rod which never left his side and using his head, pushed the front door of our room wide open, holding the iron rod above his head.

What he saw inside the room frightened him to a point that he wasn't sure what to do. The kids and I were all wet from sweat and shaking like a leaf. A very very tall 'devilish' man was standing above me and the kids. He was so tall that his chest reached the ceiling and the rest of his body was directly above us from the ceiling. My husband was only able to see his back and saw that his head was as big as a watermelon. My husband took the iron rod and struck the 'devil' with it. That second, the 'devil' disappeared. I told my husband that we must make a run for it because the 'devil' will be back in 5 minutes.

Without thinking and panic-stricken, the kids and I jumped out the window, leaving behind the rest of the bags including money, food, and jewelry. My landing was not soft, I landed on thorns and sharp rocks and when I got to the car, I was bleeding and my whole body stung but would not let go of the pouch. Within 2 minutes, my husband accelerated the car to more than 120 mph and was driving like a wildman in order to complete our mision to bring the holy treasure of the rings to Moshiach.

Within 5 minutes, the 'devil' returned trying to block our car from going any further.

That's when my husband woke up...

Needless to say, my husband woke up in a cold sweat and was shaking like a leaf on a windy day. During morning prayers, he remembered that he had the same identical dream less than 6 months ago....

May we all merit to quickly greet Moshiach Tzidkenu during our lifetime, Amen.




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