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Monday, March 17, 2008

See You at the Redemption...

"...FEARS are growing that the US Federal Reserve may soon find itself short of the funds needed to continue propping up the nation's financial system. Analysts believe the threat to the financial system, which continues to flow from the collapse of the sub-prime mortage market last year, is getting too big for the Federal Reserve..."

For the regular readers of this blog and other chizuk blogs, the fall of Bear Sterns and other mega companies comes as no surprise at all. The recession/depression that is striking America is also not a surprise - it's great news!

In order to understand what is going on and what the near future holds and most important, how to prepare ourselves, it is strongly suggested to reread the following posts:

Annapolis: Fall of Goyim, Revival of Am Israel;
The Honorable Holy Rebbe of Shomrei Emunim Admor Shlita:
"...The word Annapolis אנפוליס comes from the word נפל (collapse). The Annaplis Summit 'peace talks' will collapse, and will cause the collapse of the Unites States. The American currency is plummeting and know that it will not revive..."

Binyamin's warnings THIS IS IT;
"...A day will come, not so far in the distance future, and all financial institutions will fall and crumble..."

Od Yosef Chai: Moshiach Ben Yosef;
* The dollar will lose its value and the inflation will severely escalate.
* America will become bankrupt.

B'H, See you at the redemption!

ישתבח שמו לעד לנצח נצחים בכל העולמות
Blessed is His name for eternity in all worlds




והיה השם למלך על כל הארץ, ביום ההוא יהיה השם אחד - ושמו אחד ישתבח שמו לעד לנצח נצחים בכל העולמות Blessed is His name for eternity in all worlds אין עוד מלבדו