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Monday, March 10, 2008

Letter from Rebbitzen Kanievsky

Guest post by Neshama

Dear women and girls,
We need you to help us in prayers!

The situation in Eretz Yisrael is very difficult. We are suffering terrible losses, many orphans and widows from different diseases. My husband, the Rabbi, was asked what could be the reason for all these tragedies.The Rabbi opened a Gemara and said it's because of foul language.

How can we correct ourselves? Only by watching what we say.

I read an article written by Rabbi Segal from Manchester who writes:
"Never did I see a person who learned 2 Halachot of Shemirat Halashon every day and didn't see salvation from above, whether in children, in shidduch, good health, parnasa or bringing up the children. He had promised that whoever will learn the Chafetz Hayim, he will be his defender in Heaven."

We witnessed miracles that happened to people who took upon themselves two Halachot every day and saw Yeshuot.

While I was reading the article a woman walked in crying and said she has a number of aging daughters that are still not married.I showed her the article and immediately she said she will learn two Halachot of Shemirat Halashon every day. Within three days one daughter got engaged. Two months later her second daughter and ba"h this woman saw many salvations. Like her, hundreds of girls who took upon themselves the Shemirat Halashon got married.

A different story is about a woman who came to us about a year ago with great sorrow saying that she'd been married for 20 years and she didn't have children.I advised her to learn two Halchot every day and B"H she conceived and now has a month old baby boy.

And another story: A few weeks ago a woman came to me, broken and crying, and said that her mother is in the hospital with a growing tumor. She asked what she could take upon herself to help. Again, I advised that the entire family learn two Halachot of Shemirat Halashon every day. Two days later she returned and asked of me to tell her story and the miracle that happened.She said that the entire family gathered and decided to learn two Halachot daily and two days later they received a phone call from the hospital saying to come and pick up the mother, the tumor is gone and she is in good health.

I hear many miracles such as these.

And now, we should all take upon ourselves, bli neder, to learn two? Halachot of Shemirat Halashon every day and pray with great kavana.

A prayer that comes from the heart through a holy mouth is immediately accepted by Boreh-Olam and prevents many troubles and tragedies and brings salvation to the world.In the future, each one of us will be shown how many wonderful doings, how many people we saved. And thanks to you, my dear righteous women and girls, we will have the Zechut to bring Mashiah Tzidkeinu
soon in our days.

Yehi Ratzon that Hashem will fulfill all of your wishes for the best,

B. Kanievsky
For Zikui Harabim

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