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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

FC with Daniel: Trust HKB'H

Last night, 21 Tishrei, Erev Hoshana Raba, I had a dream about autistics and was told that Shamayim communicates messages to them from מפי עליון Divine Spirit's Mouth.

I don't know what was said in yesterday's FC session but the main message of the dream was to carefully listen and follow all their instructions. (I just received Part I via email).

I was also told that what they say and warn us is the clearest truth, more than any other human (Rabbanim, mekubalim, etc.) are able to know.

In the dream, I was told that HaShem has much nachat (pleasure) from these special souls, and because they do ONLY pure Avodat HaShem with complete תמימות (innocence), they merit to know hidden secrets but are unallowed to tell us about it. In Shamayim, these neshamot are considered the highest level - בני עליה Bnei Aliya.

Tuesday 20 Tishrei, October 2, 5768 - Part I

A message from Daniel Jerusalem, 20 Tishrei 5768 (Oct. 2, 2007)

There is no difference between all messages given by me and by Ben (the autistic Binyamin Golden) (but) I want to add the most important part and that is how to be saved from Chevlei Moshiach (the suffering before the Redemtion) and what to do. This is very important for all of Am Yisroel. It's true, in the near future, there will be very frightening occurrences in the world, but there will also be tremendous miracles.

Just as Ben wrote and as is known, Tzaddikim (righteous people) will be happy with all that will occur, because finally the Truth will be clearly revealed.

For the partially righteous (beinonim), each one will be judged according to his spiritual level and what he has suffered. In the end, (with G-d’s help) they will all do Teshuva.

The wicked people who are unwilling to change their ways, will flee to the nations and die there with them.

For the partially-righteous people and the righteous (tzadikim), I will explain how to be saved from the fear and the danger that are about to occur:

First of all, each person must sit and look inside his heart and do sincere Teshuva. To remember in detail each sin that he can remember, from the day he remembers himself until the present. To regret each transgression to a point of tears - because each sin separates man from his Creator. Therefore, the first step is to confess out loud all sins committed, to accept upon ourselves our guilt and say it clearly to HKB”H: "We are guilty, we have sinned etc." (Viduy); to tremendously regret every sin we committed.

After regret and crying over the sins we committed, we must make a firm decision to live according to the Will of HaShem, and then to clean our homes, our streets, our lives from all these sins.

After doing the above, we must strengthen our trust in HaShem. We must know and accept that no matter what happens, we are in His hands only. Whatever happens to us He knows and directs only for our good. However much pain or suffering we may have, everything is for our ultimate good. We must believe this and feel happy.

For example, if HKB”H rules that it is for our benefit to die before the Redemption (G-d forbid), this for our benefit. And if HaShem rules that we will live to greet Moshiach, this too is for our benefit. Those that will die before Moshiach's arrival, if they did Teshuva, they will be resurrected and also greet Moshiach Tzidkenu.

HKB”H does everything only for our good and we must truly believe this - not just say it. Whoever believes this and does sincere Teshuva, will survive and have a portion in Olam Haba, in the perfected world with Moshiach.

The Succah is all about our trust in HaShem. We sit in the Succah and trust that HaShem will take care of us. He will take care of everything. This is what will save us - the trust of the Succah. It doesn't matter what weapons they want to send against us, we must have faith and trust in HaShem. We don't need a shelter; the Succah is our shelter! Even after Succos, we will take the Succah with us. This does not mean the actual Succah but the essence of the Succah. It will stay in our hearts and in our physical bodies.
This is the Succah: faith and trust in HKB”H!

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