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Monday, October 15, 2007

FC Session with Ben Goldin; Open Your Eyes!

28 Tishrei, October 10, 2007

In one of the previous FC sessions, I said that in a few months we will feel changes in the world and the world will transform. I received from good Jews complaints that it's been a few months and nothing changed.

Oy to the Jews that have short eyesight. What is certain is that our world is clearly in the process of a serious transformation and when the time arrives, the biggest changes will occur, including physical and spiritual changes. Throughout history, it will be beyond any experience that any person ever felt.

Therefore, please open your eyes and see the truth. The world has already transformed. The world is threatening; whether if it's thru drastic natural changes, such as storms, tornadoes, hurricanes that attack almost every country in the world, regardless if it's seasonal or not, it exist. Such as tornadoes in New York or France or England, cities that have minor experience with this natural disaster. Whether it's gigantic hurricanes, one after another, attacking one side of a country and then its other side. If thousands of people are not killed, we don't think it's important.

But these are only warnings from HKB'H, and mainly, HaShem is speaking to us, Am Israel. He is warning us at first from afar, and it gets closer and closer, till we feel it on our skin, c'v.

From aspect of security, army, war, we have 'representatives' - the wicked messengers, as President Bush calls them. Russia, Iran, Syria, Hizballa, Hamas, North Korea, Arab countries, Venezuela, and all big Islamic countries.

On the other side, there are USA, Canda, and Europe, etc. whom today are not so powerful. There is also another gigantic monster, China, whom is very ambitious and wants to ally with Russia and Arabs - and you say that this is not a major drastic change in our world?

Let's continue... Many of the wicked 'representatives' have nuclear weapons, biological weapons, and chemical weapons. It's as if each country is trying to calculate how to murder the majority of people in the most maximum cruel way.

In this aspect, the world did not change. The wicked remains wicked, the will to kill and be in control remains as was. The only thing that changed was the escalation of technology ability, to kill as many more people, c'v, with maximum cruelty. So maybe it's not exactly an escalation, maybe it's really a decrease.

The world is going towards a very difficult war, the most difficult, and why is the war going to be so harsh? Because all the countries have weapons like I described previously, and therefore, the danger is that people will use it without restrain, whenever they feel like it. Once the first missile is released, each will feel they can enter the celebration and the exploding 'party' and use any weapon they feel they want to use. They will use it against any enemy, or any enemy they imagine is an enemy.

Just think about it and see that in this world, it is most logical, and this could be the situation.

But remember, HKB'H created man and all the worlds. He created each one of us and knows exactly what each one is doing, what each one is thinking, and how each one operates.

He has His plan and it's above all man's plans. HaShem will show us tremendeous miracles, but there will be situations of terrible fear and also situation of more difficulties and fear. We must hold on -- hold on ONLY to the Emunah and trust HKB'H and know that He is the Creator of the world. Know that when He says 'LIVE' - will live, and if c'v, He will say die - will die. It has nothing to do with the will of a person, we must trust HKB'H till the end, and remove all our idols and toys.

Those that cannot remove their idols and toys will not survive. But understand, when I say they will not survive and will die, it will not be a regular death. It is the end of the Tikunim for the Galut, Midbar, and Adam HaRishon (zs'l). Therefore, those that will not correct, death will mean something totally different. Not each person that will die before Moshiach's arrival means that the person did not correct, it could also mean that the person corrected, died, and resurrect.

But there will be some that did not correct, c'v, and their future and their fate will be totally different. But I'm not planning to describe it.

What else can be said? How much can the atrocious situation be described, the hardship, the fear that many people have began to feel. Whatever I said till now, many have began to see and feel, and fear.

It's not purposelessly that people are now specially waiting for Moshiach and they have hope in their hearts that finally the time has arrived, because all the signs are pointing at it.

Everything is written in the prophecy books and in various holy Jewish Sefarim (books). Therefore, it is clear to the one who knows that it's all authentic, that it's occurring right now. In the prophecies, everything is written exact. But so many are asleep and don't want to know. They continue to wake up in the morning, the sun is shining, eat breakfast, or first they pray and then eat breakfast, go to work... Everything quietly. The stockmarket goes up and down, a little up, a little down, meanwhile money can be made with no worries for the future, it's forbidden to worry for the future. OK, Heaven protects against shoulder missiles placed on planes, so b'h, we can fly anywhere calmly.

We are still dreaming, we still don't want to know the truth, we still don't want to make a big effort, to repent, to do Teshuva.

Doing Teshuva is very difficult, but I suggest to every Jew to immediately begin the process, because sincerely, there is no time and this is the only thing that will save us eternally. Eternally, do you understand? Repent completely. As Daniel wrote (Chapter 50),
"Each person must sit and look inside his heart and do sincere Teshuva. To remember in detail each sin that he can remember, from the day he remembers himself until the present. To regret each transgression to a point of tears - because each sin separates man from his Creator. Therefore, the first step is to confess out loud all sins committed, to accept upon ourselves our guilt and say it clearly to HKB”H: "We are guilty, we have sinned etc." (Viduy); to tremendously regret every sin we committed."

Feel regret that we have distanced ourselves from HKB'H, feel sorry like a child feels sorry that he left his father and when he returns home, he asks for forgiveness and permission to return home because he distances himself from his beloved father, from his father that loves him so much. Only this will save us. Only this.

Am Israel, begin the work, begin to do something. It's not possible to sit and listen to the news without movement, without doing Teshuva. Listening how Olmert is being investigated, or how the wicked are happy and reinforcing. We must work and return to HKB'H and trust Him.

The stockmarket will crash, and the wicked people will be removed from their employment position and we'll totally forget about them. But we must understand what is truth and what is not. The materialistic world we built for ourselves is a lie, because we removed HKB'H from this world and instead, we gave entrance to the golden calf.

We pray to HaShem for health, livlihood, shidduch (marriage mate), etc. but do we trust Him? No. We pray to HKB'H but we don't depend on Him; we depend on doctors, we depend on insurances, we depend on our employment salary, and not on HKB'H.

It's true that there is more awareness now, because those that are naturally closer to HaShem are rejoicing and seeing that the prophecies are happening. Their distance is very short to Emunah and trusting HaShem. But for most of the people in the world this cannot be said.

I'll end with reminding you that Tzaddikim (righteous men) will be happy. Tzaddikim will be happy with the revelations of what is about to occur, because finally, the truth will be clear.

The partially righteous (beinonim) will do Teshuva according to their spiritual level. For some it will be very difficult and for some, easier.

The wicked people will flee to the nations and die there with them.

I want to tell you that the most safest place is Eretz Israel, the holiest place in the whole world is Eretz Israel.
The holiest place in Eretz Israel is Yerushalayim and even more, Har Habayit (Temple Mount) amd the maximum holy place is Holy of Holies קודש הקודשים

Am Israel, self-examine yourselves.

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