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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

FC Communications with Ben Goldin; THIS IS IT

August 11, 27 Av 2007 (completion of FC Communications with Many Autistics)

Menachem: The war will soon begin, and we must prepare in Teshuva, only Teshuva. As we told you previously, repent. Work on every weak spot, return, do Teshuva. Help others also, there is nothing else to do.

Want to live eternally? This is the path. Very simple: Remove all unnecessary materialism from your lives. Know that this world is a dream.

Shimon: Do sincere Teshuva. Strengthen all weak points;
Including jealousy
Including wanting things that are not ours
Including feeling of self-pity and despair
Including immodest wear
Including being too much busy with clothing.
Don't be occupied with things that are not important to the person and the neshama. Lots of prayers and Tehillim.

Don't forget that the world was created for us and it is for us to become complete whole. No one really knows what is being completely whole, only HaShem knows. This is the final goal, at least at this stage. It's worth it - to be worthy of it. We must change ourselves, it's worth it, to be completely whole. This is all we need to remember, only this, nothing else. It's simple, non-confusing. If you don't want it, God should protect you.

If we insist on this world's pleasures, we will never succeed, God have mercy. But those who want to reach the final phase of HKB'H, with God's help, will succeed.

I repeat again, Tzaddikim are not going to suffer. A wicked suffers from holiness (?). If the wicked was given the Manna in the Midbar for a whole year, he'll suffer very much, won't find any pleasures in its food. It's not enough that the taste of the Manna could taste like whip cream cake, he'll want also that the taste sensation will be like whip cream cake, and its smell, etc. But a Tzaddik is satisfied when he has spiritual food, food that is completely digested, and it's no problem that sometimes it's not pure. His thoughts are constantly with holiness, without interuption and this too, helps him be raised spirituality higher.

Unfortunately, in our world now, most Jews want the pleasures of this world, much more than spiritual pleasures. They are busy with their lusts, and don't have the freedom of choice to change it. They have no will, HaShem have mercy on them.

Again, catch what is available now because afterwards if you will need to do Teshuva, it will be with great suffering. In the last 45 days the suffering will be very difficult, only those that did Teshuva it will be easier for them.

(personal comment: The 45 days are mentioned in Daniel - דניאל 11-12;12
פסוק יא) ומעת הוסר התמיד, ולתת שקוץ שמם:ימים, אלף מאתים ותשעים.
12:11 And from the time that the continual burnt-offering shall be taken away, and the abomination that maketh desolate set up, there shall be a thousand and two hundred and ninety days.
פסוק יב) אשרי המחכה, ויגיע:לימים, אלף שלש מאות שלשים וחמשה.
12:12 A blessing will be on the man who goes on waiting, and comes to the thousand, three hundred and thirty-five days. 1335-1290=45)

From now on, we will give messages once a week. Only if something will happen, it will be possible to ask us. There will be no more questions and answers, including Q&A on the internet. Only one message per week.

Question: Is it possible to shorten the period of the harsh days?
Answer: No, it will soon begin. It will not be difficult for you if you are holding on to HKB'H, don't be afraid of anything.

Question: The white Russian bear is waking up, should we awaken Russian Jews to run away from there?
Answer: It's not enough that they will run away, there are many lies between Russian Jews. To awaken them is not a simple matter. There is something funny there; there are messengers that went there and enjoy being there, making money. But not everyone, God forbid. But there are some and enjoying it. They are not so interested that everyone should return now. But truth is, we need to awaken them, but not in our way.

Question: What about American Jews?
Answer: The American Jews are so trapped, glued to materialistics. To remove them from there is almost mission impossible. Whomever does not get out b'h, not neccessarily presently, at the end will understand that they need to get out. Oy to them, their fate will be with their nation. With the nation, throughout the country.

Question: Maybe we should advertise in newspapers what autistics are saying?
Answer: God forbid, God forbid, they will subjugate it will all canons. It's not an option at all. It needs to be gentle. Trying to save isolated individuals. HKB'H will cause such harsh and difficult situations, that if they don't understand this, they will never understand. We don't need to wake them up, HKB'H will wake them up. But if they don't understand, what can we do? Personally, I don't see that much can be done.
FC with Binyamin, Jerusalem; Tuesday, August 21, 7 Elul, 2007

Binyamin: I want to say to everyone that there is nothing new. You are really waiting for new news, like we said till now, 'the banks will be bankrupt (fall), money will not be worth anything, the war will begin on this and this day, etc. But no one can say this with certainty. Yes, the war will be, HaShem have mercy on us, the banks will fall, God have mercy. When it will happen? This only HKB'H knows. Being involved in these things removes us from our main goal which is to help Am Israel do Teshuva and be devoted to HaShem.

But this is not what everyone wants to hear, they want to hear the interesting juicy things, they want action, they want us to say that on this day Moshiach is arriving, be prepared.

Great! Everyone will say, 'let's prepare.' They will bring materials, build a gate, organize buses, maybe they will remove immodest pictures, do all kinds of preparations, but they will forget the most important thing - TESHUVA.

They can build a gate, place a red carpet from the Kotel till Rechov Yafo but Moshiach will not come, because this is not the way how to prepare to greet him. But this is what we want, to be busy with the materials, be busy with the materialistics, wanting interesting occupations, but to do Teshuva... Oh, again talking about that? So, what can we do? We say Tehillim in groups, listen to Shiurim about guarding our tongues, and trying at least one hour a day not to speak evil about others (lashon hara), saying the complete Shir HaShirim, saying all sorts of unique pesukim, going to pray at the Kotel together. What do you want from us? What can we do?

All these activites are empty because we are not ready to leave the essence, to leave the materialism.

Truthfully, it's not enough to say Pirkei Shira or 7 times Chapter 20 of Tehillim, or go to the Kotel once a week. We need to open our hearts, our brains, our kishkes (insides), and remove the evil inclination. Whomever is sitting in the house of HaShem must remove the evil inclination internally. It's a difficult surgery and very painful, nothing harder or more painful that this but at the same rate, it's pleasureable. To enter ourselves internally and understand what we are doing, examining each thing and thereby, removing the superficial and awakening the connection between the body and the holy soul and from there, to reach HKB'H.

One more thing to say to Am Israel - Avodat HaShem is what will save us.

The banks will fall, also the money will fall, we have a house, HKB'H can make the house fall... we have objects, this too can be destroyed... So what are we left with? Only the connection to Him, this is the goal of this Olam and Olam Haba (next world).

When we will get to the phase after Moshiach is here, this will be the result; Complete devotion with HKB'H. Allegiance with HaShem that we are part of Him, without any separations, complete whole.

It's not simple to get there, not simple, and it hurts, it's a tremendeous suffering, but this too will be enternal pleasures. And this is what we want and this is the goal.

And if someone is unable to achieve this goal, it's clear that there won't be any room for him. If he's not suitable, he will not be able to enter. If there is a puzzle and one piece that doesn't fit the puzzle, there is no way to force this piece inside the puzzle, all parts must match.

Therefore, I suggest to all Am Israel: Sincerely reduce the businesses, as much as possible. Reduce the want of the materialism around you, as much as possible. The rich with many objects (things), and the poor with less things. Everything that is materialistic extra, get rid of it, remove it from your heart, from your will, as much as possible.

A day will come, not so far in the distance future, that all these things will be destructed or gone and we will naked, not naked from clothing, I hope, but without our beloved things. And then, we will need to hold on to HKB'H, and only Him, only Him will save us.

Question: Lately, many young Torah students, Avrechim, after they passed away, it was made known that they were Tzaddikim. Does this mean there are still Tzaddikim alive in our generation?
Answer: Of course there are and it says that at the end, before Moshiach, the Tzaddikim will leave this Olam. Some will be sacrifices for Am Israel, some will do the Tikun for Am Israel. But particularly, the Tzaddikim will be removed in strange and incomprehensible ways.

That is why it is demanded from Am Israel to do Teshuva, as we spoke, spoke spoke. Men and women should separately go out and put on sacks and ashes and say Selichot, etc., and ask for forgiveness from HKB'H and make a firm decision not to sin any more. And they should then return to their homes and clean it up, clean up their streets, their neighborhoods from the filth of this Olam and do complete Teshuva to HKB'H. Presently, this is the duty of Am Israel. But unfortunately, many Tzaddikim tried organizing Am Israel, together with Rabbanim, to pray together like this but did not succeed. Therefore, what is left to say is that every Jew should try to save himself and his family.

It's possible that HKB'H will bring such tremendeous fear onto the world that the Jews will do Teshuva together, but I cannot say.

Question: Is there a connection between the Gush Katif disengagement and Haftziba?
Answer: Gush Katif is one thing and Haftziba was another thing.
I will not enter a discussion about Gush Katif. Haftziba is a clear sign. Because we worry, worry, worry, about houses/apartments/homes.

Each young man with 1/2 a brain gets a 'complete arrangement'. All the pressure is on the parents. It's all about the materialistic and they are treating it as if it was spiritual and part of the Torah. It's not! It's against the Torah. It destroys families, it kills people. It's clear that it's not the fault of the young men, it's clear that the education system is at fault. It's clear that it's all of us, our fault. Today owing a house is the tragedy of the world, tragedy of the Jewish world. It's houses and homes built on lies, on the blood of the parents. The Gedolei HaDor are against it but those close to the Gedolei HaDor are encouraging it.

Question: ----
Answer: ----
It could be, but very few are Torah scholars. If we will examine the Kolelim (learning Torah facility), at least 3/4 of them are not worthy to be sat in to learn all day. They are occupied with politics. There are those that open their own Kollelim and run to America every Sunday and Monday to make money...

Those that say that it's prohibited to let the young men go out of the Kolelim with the excuse that they will become damaged, well, it's a very interesting argumentation because they are ruining the mind and deeds. Their wives take all sorts of forbidden jobs to help the household financially and the husbands are bored with learning and start their own businesses. This is contradictory to the whole matter. At the end, those same people go abroad on vacations, build beautiful houses, renovate homes, and it creates a detached and separated generation from the Torah. It's a generation that look approximately like Charidim (Orthodox religious) but they are very far. It's a tragedy, national tragedy. It's sad, very sad, it's almost a complete despair.

But it's prohibited to be despaired because HKB'H, Creator of the World, He decides and not us. Therefore, we are His nation and we must make an effort in prayers, protests, shiurim and all sorts of ways to spiritually save Am Israel. And if our job is to save at least one Jew, dayenu (this too is enough). But HKB'H Himself, He will save all those that He decides are suitable for eternal life.

And now, the decision has began. If a person dies, it does not mean that he was not suitable because he can return any minute to this Olam, as a baby or in resurrection.

The souls in Shamayim are very excited. There is much excitement in Shamayim, getting ready for the BIG DAY.

But we must fight for the truth, this is our Tikun. To show HKB'H what we want. When Zimri came infront of everyone with tremendeous Hutzpa and had massive support from his tribe, who was there to fight? Pinchas (Eliyahu HaNavi zachur latov) did not do any calculations and took a weapon and performed Avodat HaShem. It was possible that he could have been killed for what he did, but he didn't care. He fought for the honor of HaShem.

About the banks, when the banks fall, money falls and money will not be worth the paper it's written on. If you are doing business, put in the bank only the money that you will need for this specific business. Don't depend that it will fall now or in a few month, be careful to continue paying debts and whatever else you need to do.

A person does not know when the Geula will arrive, or when all the tragedies will occur but you need to be careful, don't be too occupied with this. The Torah tells us that a person should not place all money in one place.

There is no doubt that it will fall, all financial institutions will fall. But when and how, we don't know. It's near, that's for sure. And a person should be very careful.

Question: What can you tell us about the bankruptcy of the State Auction company?
Answer: First of all, the name of the company, State Auction, there is a sort of a hint that the state will crumble. But observe, in such a short time 2 of the largest companies fell and crumbled. Also smaller companies crumbled but we don't hear about it. The probability is tremendeous that more will fall and crumble and this is not good business for the banks, that's for sure. And when it's not good for the banks, it's not financially good for anyone.

FC with Binyamin August 28, 14 Elul, 2007, Jerusalem
Binyamin: We have seen in the last week amazing things, it's a direct message from Shamayim, a very clear message. I would suggest to you to begin writing everything that is going on in the world. Each thing has a message. The messages of this week is only the beginning. It's not the beginning because it started a few years ago. Message after message after message after message after message.

But people don't hear, still sleeping. Those that can speak (persuade, advertise, help others repent), must speak even if no one is listening. Whomever is capable must awaken those that are sleeping. They are sleeping very strongly and with all the yelling we are doing, they are not even paying attention. It causes despondency and is nerve-racking that a person is yelling, DANGER, DANGER, WAKE UP, MOVE, DO SOMETHING. And you see the person relaxing with a smile on his face, stretching a little and turning around to the other side to continue sleeping. It's terrible and hurts a lot, very despairing. Oy to us, oy to us.

But we must continue to talk because here and there we see a person opening one eye, thru the sleep and feeling that someone's talking to him. He is making an effort to turn to the other side and forget the voice that is whispering in his ear. But he can no longer sleep. Slowly, very slowly, he awakens from this sleep, opens his eyes, and yells, GEVALD!

And if we succeed waking up a few isolated individuals, we did our duty. HKB"H will bring terrible, hard, scary situations, the worst, to wake up the sleepers. He did this before the twin towers; the twin towers, all kinds of things after the twin towers. It's clear that it's a message from Shamayim, a direct message.

And now, Greece. Greece is very significant in the month of Elul. In Greece, they are yelling, Day of Judgement, Day of Judgment. In Israel the newspapers are yelling, "THEY ARE BUILDING BUNKERS FOR THE DAY OF JUDGMENT." The same words are being used by non-Jews and seculars in the month of Elul - Day of Judgement, Day of Judgment.

It's a message, anyone can understand it's a message. That is why Iraq was destroyed and Greece is in the process of being destroyed. It's a message, a real message.

... The new star that was discovered, and all that is supposed to happen, all the signs; Shmita, sun eclipse, leap year - all are messages, messages, messages. Ramadan falls close to Rosh HaShana - it's all a message. And all that happened that the bridge fell, the various storms, etc. HaShem will continue giving us stronger messages in the near future.

And if we don't understand, if the earth under one's bed will shake, and the walls will fall on their heard, and they will not wake up, what can I say?

FC with Binyamin September 1, 18 Elul, 2007, Jerusalem
Binyamin: Good week to all. But it will not be a regular week. Maybe it's already the normal, that's it's not the normal. But as we said, things will occur one after another. Last week it was Greece whom was burning, and it's not over yet. And all sorts of different difficult situations in the entire world, like a storm in America, etc.

And now, this week we will also have a reminder. All the time, HKB'H warns us and leaves us trails. He really wants that we will succeed to do Teshuva, He is showing us will all sorts of signs, the secret of the thing is how to survive and reach Olam Haba, to the Days of Moshiach. Like a good Father, He leaves for us hints in all directions. If one does not understand the hint that is coming in a certain direction, He gives hints from another location. All the time, hints and hints that say: This Olam is nothing. It's just a play, a movie. When the screen darkens after the movie and the light get switched on in the theatre, we turn to one another and remember that they are not from the world of movies, but a totally different world. And if we see a movie and the lights switch on all of a sudden during the movie, the movie disappears and we were so certain that what we were seeing is the real world. And we remember we live in a different world.

This is life; thru weather, natural things, illnesses, (not on us), natural problems, HKB'H shows us that this Olam is imaginary, no more than that. It is a place that the neshama comes dressed in clothing of skin and bones to correct and improve the neshama, in preparation for the spiritual world. The world of truth, the world of eternity.

It's very interesting that all the hints are not any less stronger than the plagues that occured in Eygpt. In the entire world, it's amazing -
whether it's a tsunami,
or billions of rats in China,
or twin towers crumbling in unnatural way,
or a hurricane that destructed a whole city.

In all directions, HaShem is giving us very big hints. But in Egypt, all the plagues occured inside Egypt and now, it's occurring internationally.

If you would take the tsunami together with what happened in New Orleans, together with the earthquake in Turkey, together with the rats that came into China and put all these together, plus other things that happened, it really is bigger than the Egypt plagues, but spread out in the world.

Miracle of miracles - HKB'H created the world for us - Internet and television in every home except ours, radio, radio in the car, radio that you can walk around with and know the news immediately, even with pictures - are all hints. They are big hints that no one wants to hear, except very few that are searching the truth, very few.

Question: What about the Mount Temple digging?
Answer: The ditch in the Mount Temple. Whomever does not know, the Arabs are taking heavy machinery (bulldozers) and are attempting to destroy everything at the Mount Temple, everything that belongs to the Bet HaMikdash, and they are trying, they are doing it thru a trench underneath the Kotel.
They want the Kotel to fall!
They want the Kotel to fall!
They know that HKB'H said that the Kotel will remain standing till Moshiach arrives and a little more. They think that they will make the Kotel fall. But HKB"H stands in His word always, and the Kotel will not fall.

But Am Israel, Am Israel must return to HKB"H, because if not.... Only those that will, will stay... It's a very simple calculation.
Whomever does not believe in HKB'H,
whomever only looks like he is religious,
whomever mumbles the words of the Tefilla (prayer), meanwhile thinking about his freedom,
whomever dresses promiscuitly and it's very clear it's promiscuit,
whomever steals,
whomever lies,
whomever does not sincerely believe HKB"H,
whomever is not ready to sacrifice for HKB'H,
whomever is not ready to live for the Sake of Heaven.
All these people have no place in the world of truth. There is no possibility for them to live in the world of truth.

Just like a person needs air to breath, there are humans that will not be able to breath the air of truth, only able to breathe the air of lies.

But the air we will breathe will be only the truth, those that breathe air of lies will not be able to survive.

Time is short, I suggest to every Jew to do sincere Teshuva from this moment on, if you didn't previously decide this. Truthfully, there is no time.

It will not take a long time till the first (gun) shot...

It's worth to start the work immediatley, if not sooner.
No time. I repeat again, NO TIME.

Each person can understand parts of the hints, and daily, there are so many, including hints to the individual and general hints to the world, and hints to Am Israel. So many hints all the time.

HaShem should help us to understand, to do Teshuva and merit to greet Moshiach Tzidkenu.

Question: Avoda party became bankrupt.
Answer: Blessed is the True Judge, ברוך דיין האמת. Of course it's the end. Those that started it are the biggest wicked people, head of the Erev Rav, but they have second and third generation of Erev Rav and they have different names, other political parties - all are going to disappear.

Segments from the last FC, Tuesday, September 4, 21 Elul
The biggest Rosh HaShana in history...
Big wars... The land (Israel) will not be destroyed... but complete countries will disappear from history, including their residents.... If, by this Rosh HaShana, Tishrei 5768, those will not do Teshuva, Oy to all...
This is the Day of Judgement, for the whole world, just as it is every year. But this year, we will reach the the biggest changes, since our exit out of Eygpt... Those that will not do sincere authentic Teshuva will disappear...


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