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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

FC Communications with Many Autistics

In a house in Me'a She'arim, lives a family that fosters a few autistics boys. Every Motzei Shabbat a number of Tzaddikot (righteous women) meet there and read Tehillim and afterwards, proceeds to the Kotel. About a year ago, Daniel resided there for 2 weeks and that's when I first met this family.

Lately, every Motzei Shabbat, FC communication is held there and even though some of the things said is meant for the Tzaddikot, I saw it proper to add it on to Dani18. It's possible that not all can be understood.

July 21, 2007,
Menachem: Yes, yes, "שובי שובי השולמית" from Shir HaShirim, yes, prepare, prepare, the end is very near.

It's not in vain that today you spoke about the Geula. The Geula is very close, and from now till Moshiach's arrival is not a long time, according to time, but long time according to suffering.

And all those that do not understand or do not want to understand, there is no such thing today, that a person does not understand. Each person has the capability to understand, because it's clear that each Jew that stood in Har Sinai. It's not possible to go 'undressed' (not modest) in the streets. It's impossible to stand 'undressed' in shul, holy places, kotel.

If someone does not understand such a simple matter, that a Jew must be holy, he did not stand in Har Sinai. Someone who is occupied with incense, even if he looks like he has fear of heaven, he did not stand in Har Sinai, he did not receive the Torah. All the Jews that stood in Har Sinai know what is allowed and what is prohibited and each accepted it. If one does not remember and crosses borders, he is lost.

Question: What about the middle person, not the wicked or the Tzadik?
Answer: The middle person that does not do Teshuva is lost. It does not mean that a person must be perfect, it means a person must understand that he is not perfect. He must understand that he has a long way to go to correct himself and must begin the process to acheive this goal.

To go slowly is not good enough, must go faster. He must understand that every wasted minute is dangerous for him because suddenly, the Geula will arrive and he will not be prepared because he is occupied enjoying nonsense of this world. Each person should hurriedly begin the Teshuva process and correct what needs to be corrected.

There is no time, we are at the end. I don't believe that anyone does not understand that there is no time. Each person that will accept upon himself difficult Mitzot, especially modesty, this will be a major shortcut. The world contains immodesty and lacks family purity, the world is like Soddom and Emora, and HaShem will turn everything. Jews who act like believers, contains much sleaze, including the city Bnei Brak which is like Soddom and Emora. Yerushalayim above the ground is holy but on the ground, it's also like Soddom and Emora. Yes, the whole land of Israel is like Soddom and Emora, no modesty or holiness.

Question: What will happen to us? What should we do?
Answer: Especially to those that truly believe and make an effort to do Teshuva, yes. We must try to tell to as many Jews, in order to save them. To save those that can be saved. And if you don't succeed, at least save yourselves. Yes, each will save himself and his family. We must made an effort to go outside as little as possible into the streets. On the streets there is so much immodesty. Protect your children from going out into the filthy streets. The air contains so much impurity and is contaminated, only breathing it, is already impure.

I'll tell you something else, no matter what, in any case, the time will arrive and it's safest to be inside the house. Till Moshiach's arrival, the situation is be scary, war, destruction, death. Those who will stay at home have a better chance. Those that go out of their homes minimally, and try to get closer to HKB'H, and also keep their children indoors, they will for sure be able to greet Moshiach Tzidkenu.

All those that accept to dress modestly, it's a good start. This is the sign we talked about, the sign that when the Angel of Death will pass above these homes, it will save you and your homes. The simple modest clothing, are the magnificent clothing in the Bet HaMikdash.

Listen good! When HaShem gave the Torah in Har Sinai, He raised Har Sinai above the heads of Am Israel and they had no choice. But now, there are choices. HaShem will cause very scary things to happen, much more than raising a mountain above the head. The descent of Am Israel and the whole world is so deep and low, that this will not scare them enough and most will choose materialism, r'l.

They will think that someone will come from somewhere to save them: The American army, or the British army, or the Russian army, or who knows who? Maybe they will think it's a movie and it'll end at some point. But they will not understand, not pray, not do Teshuva. Edom will be destroyed completely. Just think how scary it will be in the world. Entire states will be destroyed, and not necessarily by atom bombs. There will be amazing visions, tremendeous miracles but very few people will understand and feel fear enough in order to do Teshuva. Most have gone so far to a point that they don't know how to do Teshuva, do not know where to return, do not know how to do Tesuva. That's the reason the situation will be difficult and scary.

Summary: Be innocent, raise your children to be innocent, make an effort to do the Will of HaShem. You are trying to connect to the truth, try to connect together for real. Stop talking about one another, remove the screens that HaShem hates. Make an example for real, not just in modesty, but also between one to his friend, ואהבת לרעך כמוך אני ה. HaShem will save you and protect you that you will not suffer from all that is happening. But you must dress modestly, and be innocent.

Second FC Communication, August 29.
Aral'e: I repeat again, if you didn't understand. You must choose the extreme side because this raises and balances the holiness. This means, be on the side of the holiness. All the rest, either they will fall or will be what they need to be. We must remember that when we were in Har Sinai, HKB'H scared us and raised the mountain about our heads and said: "Either accept the whole Torah or He will make the mountain fall on us and kill us." So we said that we accept. But it's not enough, we needed a guarantor and who is our guarantor? Our children.

In this generation, there is almost no hope for the next generation, c'v, because the children almost do not understand what it means to be Jewish. Not only in modesty but in every path. In order to education the next education, so there will be continuation, we must be an example for them. The mothers must be like our holy mothers, Sara, Rivka, Rochel, and Leah Imenu, a'h. The fathers need to be like our holy forefathers. To make an effort to be like them in clothing, behaviour, devotion to HKB'H and His Torah.

If there are mothers who want to look like Sara, Rivka, Rochel, and Leah Imenu, it will only increase everyone's benefit. But beware that it's not a group of women far from Yiddishkeit that suddenly decided to dress in all sorts of shmates (old torn clothing). Because internally, they are not ready and do not understand at all who were our holy foremothers. It must be authentic Jewish women, that really make an effort to dress modestly and not those who wear clothing that cover the heart and want non-kosher things.

Question: How can this be examined?
Answer: I'll tell you. Truthfully, it does not need to be examined so much. One can see who is true and who is fake. A person that comes from far and does not understand the basis, it's very dangerous. Those that were born religious, in Me'a She'arim, or in such an area, and are still not feeling it (dressing very modestly) internally, they will feel embarrased. The danger is if women that are far from Yahadut dress in all sorts of tattered garments, they look more similar to pictures that are on reform bibles. So the problem is that it can go in different paths, not spiritual, and even, not Jewish.

I want to tell everyone, those that accept and want to spiritually go higher thru wearing modest clothing, I bless these women that it'll be the real thing and to go spiritually higher and higher with modesty. But don't forget Am Israel because Am Israel needs help and it's not possible that you will go spiritually higher and forget others. Anyone that accepts to dress more modestly, must help others to go spiritually higher. Do not close yourselves, must help others in any form.

Shimon: Read about Bet HaMikdash I and II, and realize that the same is happening now. But we are much lower than they were. We are lower than those that were in Eygpt, and only 1 out of 5, or 1 out of 50, or one out of 500, were redeemed. Very few were redeemed. This is our sitation now, but even worse. We will see tremendeous miracles but will we know that they are miracles? Unfortunately, this is the big question. What Aral'e said about saving Jews, we must save every Jew and Jewess. I don't say that we will succeed, but we must try.

Question: What do you have to say about this era?
Answer: It's a difficult time. I want you to really think about the history of the Bet HaMikdash. So many things are very similar. For 80 years the prophets spoke, till the destruction of the Bet HaMikdash, but most didn't listen. There were also false prophets that said, "Look, nothing is happening." But all sorts of things happened, the situation of security descended, same as is happening today. The security ascended and it became quiet and again, descended and danger rose, till it exploded - same as today. And one day, it will explode and they will say, 'but we didn't know'. It's a lie. Same as before the destruction of the Bet HaMikdash, the prophets warned and warned, day and night, everyday but they didn't want to hear. Also now, HKB'H is speaking, not only thru autistics, but through all sorts of tragedies - personal tragedies and thru natural disasters. In general, things are strange. All sorts of wars and such, He is warning us and warning us. Even thru movies with all sorts of stories about the end of the world that have become very popular but no one wants to listen. Each person, seculars, not religious, and damaged Charidis can sit infront of his screen and find all the prophecies of our Tzaddikim. If he doesn't do Teshuva, it means it's his own fault.

When the Rebbes (Rabbanim) speak about the Geula, if they speak the truth, each can understand. If they don't speak the truth, it can be understood otherwise. In the time of the Bet HaMikdash, there were false and true prophets. Today, we also have false prophets.

Each Jew and Jewess must connect with HKB'H, and do what the Torah commands and not go in different paths. There are Tzaddikim in this generation that can tell us the truth but very few are willing to do it.

We must carefully guard our tongue, and be careful with dinim of the women, including the family purity and holiness.

Third FC Communication, August 4
Shimon: You spoke about love of Israel, love of HaShem. In this generation, many Jews are removed from the path of Yiddishkeit, included Charidim (religious). Ahavat Israel (love of Israel) is very important. How can it be expressed? Thru our efforts to help Jews do Teshuva, including the Charidim and those that are far.

It's not about how you will succeed, because even if you succeed once, it's considered a whole world. Even with all your efforts and not even one does Teshuva, you will save yourselves because you tried to save Am Israel. Why? Because you love Am Israel. It's not relevant those that run away, those that yell, those that will be shamed. The main thing is to save Am Israel. It's like a lake and inside, people are drowing and yelling, and some don't even understand that they are drowning but we must try to save them. How can we live with ourselves, when we see people in great danger, eternal danger, c'v, and not try to pull them out of the water? We don't have to enter the water with them, but find a stick or something to pull them out. It's our duty.

Question: What about the home, shouldn't there be a border?
Answer: I'll explain to you. The Chatam Sofer, zs'l, was very worried about his son. He told his acquaintance, "What should I do, I am always helping Jews, but what about my son? He has no help, what will happen to him?." The friend replied that HKB'H helps to educate children of the people that help Am Israel. HKB'H Himself educates them, who was His son? The Chatam Sofer.

There are those that seem to work for Am Israel but truthfully, their self-respect is more important. Many are working with Baalei Teshuva and they themselves, descended from the right path, HaShem Ishmor (Heaven protect us). So, a person must do Leshem Shamayim (sake of heaven) and not to be afraid of anything. If he does it Leshem Shamayim, HaShem will protect him and his family.

Question: What were the surprises this week? חפציבה? (Hundreds of Orthodox families bought homes and lost their money and homes).
Answer: There were not enough surprises this week? You want more? OK, wait another week for more surprises, scandals in the court houses, the court house will crumble.

This week there were 3 collapses and each one symbolizes something.
First, the courts is a symbol of lies that furthers the Jews away from HKB'H.
Second, the collapse of חפציבה, symbolizing the corruption of Charidi (religious) businessmen and the corruption of many Torah students that are very tied to the materialism.
Third, the fall of the bridge in Minnesota that fell into the Mississippi river. Such a thing never happened in American history. 50 cars fell inside the river. It symbolizes the fall and failure of all the nations of the world.

If you think that dressing modesty will stop the war, no. The war must be, but it's a protection. It's clearly written in the prophecies that Edom must be completely destroyed, and most of the world will be damaged from this difficult war. But Jews in Eretz Israel wil be protected but women must dress modesty and work on it. To return in Teshuva for Am Israel to survive (to dress in modesty) is like asking Moshe Rabbenu, zs'l, if we will be redeemed from Egypt, if we will need to fight the Egyptians. If we are pure and whole, we will win and remain whole.

Question: Lately, we see a white dove in the Kotel sitting in the same place. What does this mean?
Answer: The white dove symbolizes a strong sign of the Geula. She is sitting, observing, and waiting. If one day you will not see her, be very ready and prepared. I want to tell you that soon, people will be afraid, will search how to cover themselves so they can save themselves.

Menachem: Shimon is too gentle, he is cute, right?. Too gentle, too cute. But come, I will tell you the other side of the situation. Yes, yes, of course there will be a war. What a question, and of course you must do Teshuva and help others and this is all your work now.

You think you received a head covering on your head for nothing? And a shawl on your shoulders for nothing? It's a merit that you will be the first to do this and your duty is to make an effort to help others do Teshuva. The war will be very difficult and each Jew that will do authentic Teshuva, his holiness will protect him and his family. When the Angel of Death will pass over the house, he will see the holiness and this will save these Jews, and that's why it's the Geula.

We are beginning the last stage of the Geula. Next week will not be simple, not simple at all. Not simple, not simple. Another phase of collapse of the lies. That's it. I have nothing else to say.

4th FC communication, August 11
Menachem: Each corrects in a different way. It's difficult in the Kotel, but it's important you will be seen. It's important that you cry together with the Sh'china (Divine Spirit). Whomever can do it, must go with the Sh'china and cry together with the Sh'china. It's important they see you, see something holy.

Again, I repeat and say, if there is someone that can stand it, go. Don't look so others will look, it's important. It's a tremendous tikun if you can go, because by your going and praying Leshem Shamayim, those that are in the wrong path will see you, the contaminated people will see holiness. Go together to the Kotel and cry together with the Sh'china, and B'H, it can effect some. And if they will stop to talk to you, so talk. Fight for HaShem. If someone is unable to do this, don't. Most of the world is in a very difficult sitation. Even by the Charidim, every street is unclean and contaminated. Therefore, we need to hide in each place. But if you can and you love the Sh'china, and able to pass thru the contamination and filth to get there, go.

Question: Did the death of the 4 yeshiva boys, z'l, postpone the war?
Answer: I cannot say but I can say, there is nothing to postpone.

Question: What is 'desert of the nation"?
Answer: A few possibilities. One, that it's a desert and everyone will run to the desert for 45 days and will eat bitter roots. It can also be that Jews will be in a situation like a desert, without spirituality around at all, a tremendous mess, and lonliness. But it could be even worse, that the roots is for some bitter, hard, and salty, and for others, those that really want the truth, will finally see the lightness, the truth.

Question: What will happen this week?
Answer: This week, not too much will happen but it'll begin, begin, and time is running because it's all sorts of different accounts, much to squeeze in one place.

Lipi: From now, I also want to write. Tell my mother I do not want to return home (the parents live abroad, outside Israel), I don't want, don't want. Yes, don't want to return home now. Rabbanit Shin, you don't tell her, only Rabbanit Ayin, tell her what I wrote.

I want to tell you that it's worth listening to what we are saying and do immediately Teshuva, and make peace with those you have problems with, ask for forgiveness so it'll be removed from you. Prepare yourselves for the final Geula. Cleanse yourselves inside and out, clean your homes, your hearts, your head, your brain. Want only to be Oved (servant) of HaShem.

What was spoken about the Kotel, every step you take to cry together with the Sh'china, is a tremendous merit. Those that cannot go, will receive merits thru saying Tehillim. Those that can do both, it's the best. We must be cleansed internally and externally. Do not get angry at anything, because if someone does us bad, he is the messenger to test us, how we react. If things happen, we are being tested on how we react, accepting it humbly and lowering our heads, or getting angry and wanting to revenge.

Question: What should I tell your mother?
Answer: That there is no way I want to leave Israel, the land, now. They are beginning the last stage till the Geula. I am not willing to leave now.

Question: Are you pleased in this house?
Answer: Yes, it's a holy house. There are prayers and Ahavat Israel and I don't want to leave this place to go to a place full of impurities. Tell my mother, I am not willing to be moved from here.

Question: How did Rav Shin have the merit to help you?
Answer: BS'D, he loves us so he gets help from Shamayim to help us.

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