Dreaming of Moshiach

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Tshuva, Gog Umagog, Moshiach

Interperted from http://www.shofar.net/site/ARDetile.asp?id=8567, Harav HaGaon Amnon Yitzchak, Shlita.

The ceasefire did not calm residents of Israel. How do we know this? Not from statistics, not from telephone calls - from direct, face to face, brain facing brain, heart facing heart conversations. HaRav Amnon Yitzchak keeps meeting with thousands weekly, and this is what people are telling him.[+/-] show/hide text

Ceasefire was already announced in the North but people feel an on-going war. People are scared, and for a good reason. They flock to Rav Yitzchak Amnon's lecture to find out what will happen to them and to Am Israel. The cease-fire did not fool Israel residents. After the humility parade in Teddy stadium, Jerusalem, the Rav gave a lecture in Bat Yam. The hall was gigantic and was filled to capacity, more people than allowed entered the hall to hear him.

Harav Amnon Yitzchak: "We have the final scenario script, but the question is where will each one of us stand in this scenario?. Do you know what will happen in Gog Umagog? 2/3 of the world will die. Do you know how many that is? 4 billion people. Can you imagine the rivers of blood? Only 1/3 will survive and from the 1/3, the ones who believe in HaShem and will hold on to HaShem will survive, despite all the terrible and unbearable things he'll witness, he will be saved. Do you want to be saved? Get involved with Torah and Chesed. These 2 things are the "ropes" (remedies) to hold on to, in order not to fall.

Nations of the world troubled Israel for thousands of years in the Galut. They killed, murdered, slaughtered, run after us, burned, and tortured us. What didn't they do to us? HKB'H says to us: "Return to Me and I'll return to you" שובו אלי ואשובה אליכם.

First question from the audience: "Where will Gog Umagog take place, also in Israel?"
The Rav: "Gog Umagog will be in the entire world and will arrive also to Israel. No one will be able to run away, no one will escape. It says in the Sfarim (books) that Nations of the world will cause suffering to Jews in their countries and will expel the Jews from their country. It says 90%, may the All-merciful protect us, will perish in the desert. The anti-semite we see today is ZERO of the ZERO in comparison to what will be when the nations of the world will ignite.

Second question: "Is it safest in Israel?".
The Rav: "The safest is Torah and Mitzvot, no matter where you will be. If a person does not hold on to the Torah and Mitzvot, nothing will protect him. HKB'H says to us if we hold on to Him, He'll save us. Like a father with his child in the forest. The father tells the child, don't let go of my hand and I'll lead you to safety. If you will leave, you will be abandoned to the wild animals. Which child will let go of his father's hand? We have Aba in the Shamayim. He tells us ahead of time what will be, He says that the nations of the world will turn into wild voracious animals, hold on to Me and I'll save you. Who leaves his father in this situation, and even more so, our Father in Shamayim.

Third question: "The Rav is speaking about Chesed, but it's so difficult because in our community there's much opposition. We want to do a Mitzva, to keep Shabbat, dress modestly, and there's so much objection. So what can be done to overcome the resistance?".
The Rav: "The more resistance, the bigger the retribution. Objection should not bother us. Rather, it shows that Shamayim strengthens and supports us. When a person is drafted into the army, they don't order him to walk but rather to run. They don't let him run in an open field, they place in front of him obstacles; he needs to climb, jump, crawl. If they want to make a good soldier out of him, he must pass all this with defiance and effort. If not, he will fail.
In order to do honest Tshuva, the kind that will withstand difficult situations, like in Gog Umagog, the person must be trained properly to qualify. Objection and defiance in the community is much easier than the opposition of the real enemies".

Fourth question: "What does the Rav suggest to do in the framework of learning Torah and chesed?"
The Rav: "I think the biggest thing is to provide the public with Torah knowledge (lezakot et harabim). Let people know Tshuva. Today it can be done in various ways - on a CD, video, internet, take a friend to a Torah lecture, make all possible efforts so people can be introduced to the truth".

Fifth question: "In the Holocaust, there were many righteous that learned Torah and did Chesed and were murdered. Nothing is guaranteed".
The Rav: "First of all, know that to die as a Tzaddik is better than dying an evil person. Tzaddikim that die go to Gan Eden and if they are murdered by Goyim, they are called הרוגי מלכות, Kingship death. But you must know this, someone that is an absolute Tzaddik, will not be harmed and someone who's not a Tzaddik will get caught. In times of a harsh decree that is placed on Am Israel, the angel of destruction has permission to vandalize and destruct and the angel does not distinguish between good and evil".

Sixth question: "That means that there is no chance for me to survive".
The Rav: "Why not? If you decided right now to do Tshuva, the Rambam says that absolute Tzaddikim cannot stand next to Baalei Tshuva. Because you have been in "that" world, and decided to sacrifice everything to enter underneath the wings of the Divine, your status is better than someone who grew up in an Orthodox home all his life".

Seventh question: "If I grew up in a secular home and HKB'H gave me the choice of choosing and is leading me, why is He punishing us all the time?".
The Rav: "How many times have you been punished?"
The woman who asked, answers: "I'm speaking about Am Israel, not me personally".
The Rav: "And I am speaking to you, directly".
The woman who asked, answers "With me, He has really been Merciful".
The Rav: "He is waiting a long time for you and you are taking advantage... Why don't you return Aba's goodness and say THANK YOU".
"I try"
The Rav: "How?"
"I keep Shabbat".
The Rav: "Thank you, I also don't drive thru a red traffic light. To do Tshuva means to do according to the Commandments, and respect our Father in Heaven that gave you life and wants to give you the best of both worlds. Why postpone it? Why make Aba feel sadness? He gave you eyes to see, ears to hear, gave you teeth ...to chew gum (the woman stopped chewing gum that minute). Why postpone it?".
"I'm afraid to fail".
The Rav: "You are failing right now and speaking about being afraid to fail?".
"But later it will be stricter".
The Rav: "Who told you that? A young child that studies but failed a test is less good that the one who says why bother studying becuz he's afraid of failure?".

The woman continues with her questions and the Rav patiently answers her. The woman claims that she will not get rewarded for trying and the Rav told her the opposite is true. Those that try will get rewarded. Success is not in our control, we can only try but if we don't try, we will never know if we can succeed. The Rav continued answering the woman and told her it's not difficult, only for someone who's not used to it. A person who wants to start walking 1/2 an hour a day and is not used to it, it will be difficult for him becuz he's used to taking his car. The first days will be difficult but after 2 weeks, he'll no longer depend on his car and his walks will be longer. The woman insists on asking more questions and says that the tests of HaShem causes illnesses. The Rav answered that sicknesses is a result of sins, not trials. If you are afraid of what might happen to you ... do Tshuva. WHEEE WHOOO, What are you waiting for?? The woman responds that she doesn't want to do Tshuva becuz of fear. The Rav answered "GOOD, wait till the end and what will happen? ONLY FEAR!!"

The audience reacts and enthusiasm is beginning to surface.

The woman has more questions: "So how do I do Tshuva from love?".
The Rav: "No such thing. It starts with fear and at the end, love".
The woman says fine, I'll keep Shabbat so I can survive and will not be harmed.
The Rav: "Right, just like you observe the laws of the country and don't drive thru red traffic lights becuz you are afraid to be arrested. You like observing all the laws, paying taxes? You must be in love with tax returns! Electricity and water - pay more bills. When will you love the company that supplies you with water? When they shut off your taps and you will not be able to wash your face? Then you'll realize that it's worth paying the bills.
The same woman asks more questions, but with more respect, "Respectful Rav, so in the end only the pure will survive? Only the absolute Tzaddik?"
The Rav calms her and says "You can choose to be a survivor".
"So why didn't HaShem create all of us Tzaddkim and that's it?"
The Rav: "Do you any baby born evil?"
The woman: "There are babies that are raised in cruel homes and do not allow the child to grow up to be rightous".
The Rav: "So what? There are those born into home of Righteous, like Yishmael, son of Avraham Avinu and Esav, son of Yaakov Avinu, they turned out evil. The opposite is also true, Rivka was born to Lavan and became righteous. Anyone who wants, can do it. There are secular homes that the children do Tshuva. Even though they were educated without Torah.
The woman: "My friend asks if it's worth to do Tshuva from fear?
The Rav: "It's not only worth it, but it's fun. Once you return, there is no fear. The fear exists when you do not return. But one day, the fear can be even more fearful but sometimes, it's too late. The smart thing is to run away from punishment before it happens. A person who sees x-rays of his clean lungs, knows now is the time to quit smoking. What good is it to stop smoking when the lungs are black and failing? The smart thing to do is before, not after. That's why there's no fear once you begin returning. The opposite is true - it's FUN!!!

The audience wants more information about Gog Umagog. They want to hear from the Sfarim (books) about Iran, world leaders, Moshiach, Gog Umagog.

HaRav Amnon Yitzchak surprises the audience with an amazing indication from the Gemara. It says there were 2 talmudic sages that said "במסכת סנהדרין צ"ח "ייתי (משיח) ולא אחמיניה "will come, do not want to be seen". The Rav explained that the absolute Tzaddikim of that generation were afraid of the birthpangs of Moshiach and they do not wish to live in the period before Moshiach's arrival, because of the tremendous trouble and attacks. It says that if Israel will not do commandments from will, HKB'H will place a king that his decrees will be as harsh as Haman and this will force them to do Tshuva. Just as it was in the time of Achshverosh, when Haman said "Destroy, kill... all the Jews..from child to... in one day".

Three letters of 'אחמיניה' are HAMAN. The first 3 letters of 'אחמיניה' are ACHAM, same as the first letters of אחמדניג'אד Ahmadinejad... He is the ACHAM HAMAN of our generation, saying "Destruction to all the Jews..." He is preparing at Atom nuclear bomb. As it says in Yechezkel 38

"Surely in that day there shall be a great shaking in the land of Israel; the fish of the sea, the birds of heaven, the beasts of the field, the crawlers on the earth, and all the men who are on the face of the earth, will be shaking before Me, the mountains will be overturned, the high places will come down, and every wall will come falling down to the earth".
יחזקאל ל''ח ''ביום ההוא יהיה רעש גדול על אדמת ישראל ואפילו דגי הים ירעשו ועוף השמים וחית השדה וכל הרומש על פני האדמה. יפלו הרים, יהרסו מדרגות וכל חומה לארץ תפול.

This Passuk describes the results of a nuclear atom bomb.



והיה השם למלך על כל הארץ, ביום ההוא יהיה השם אחד - ושמו אחד ישתבח שמו לעד לנצח נצחים בכל העולמות Blessed is His name for eternity in all worlds אין עוד מלבדו