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Monday, July 17, 2006


Motzei Shabbat Kodesh I had a dream having a conversation with Moshiach. The conversation was from 3:30 to 4:30 am in our time.

HaShem is angry at Am Israel and Moshiach proved it by showing that the Jews are running away from their homes, towns, and cities in Eretz Israel.[+/-] show/hide text

There is a decree that Moshiach will be delayed, again. When I heard the new date, I became so weak from crying and every bone of my body was crying with me. My husband, hearing me cry in a way he never heard before, also was crying and tried to help me to stop crying but could not shake me to wake up. In between the tears and crying, I told Moshiach to even look in the Internet and so many people are making commitments to do Tshuva and Chesed. I argued with Moshiach that his delay is too long, every day of delay is like a hundred years, and he said that it is necessary for purifying Am Israel.

I cried so much, my whole being was crying and Moshiach told me to get tissues to wipe my eyes. He led me to the bathroom to get tissues while my eyes were closed and I was uncontrollably crying hysterically. I took 2 tissues and placed one on each eye and it stuck to face from the tears. (I never do that) He led me back to my bed and told me to wipe my tears. I did as I was told but could not stop crying. At that point, my husband shook me to wake up and got very frightened. He knew I was talking with Moshiach but he couldn't take seeing me crying so hard. But he couldn't wake me up.

I begged to please give Am Israel one more chance to do Tshuva and to tell me how to cancel the decree of delaying Moshiach's arrival. I asked Moshiach if this war in Eretz Israel is GogUMagog and if the decree to delay Moshiach's arrival will cancel the war of GogUmagog. Moshiach answered that there is a decree to delay his arrival.

Moshiach said that this postponment will be the end of all Tikkunim to purify Am Israel. I asked Moshiach what about the Pasuk and all its secrets and I was able to decipher the code of Moshiach's arrival as the Angel taught me. He said that HaShem is angry at Am Israel and the parade of "shame" has angered HaShem even more. I told him that most Jews, including Goyim, don't want this parade and are fighting so hard against the Sitra Achra. I told Moshiach that he is my witness that Bnei Avraham, Yitzchak and Yaakov do NOT want this parade of shame.

Moshiach said that Admat Kodesh (Holy Land) is also crying and I begged Moshiach to tell me how to cancel the decree. Moshiach said that Admat Kodesh is crying and is receiving a hard beating during this war. The Admat Kodesh is crying because Jews are leaving their homes, cities and towns. They are afraid of the Arabs. They shouldn't be afraid. They need to protect the Admat Kodesh so she will stop crying.

Moshiach, please tell HaShem Ishtabach Shemo Laad that Am Israel will do more Tshuva. We love Admat Kodesh and respect her. Please ask HaShem to cancel the decree of delaying Moshiach. Give Am Israel 1 more chance.


Please do not talk Lashon Hara about any of Bnei Yisrael. Please let HaShem see that we are sincerely doing Tshuva.

Help us HaShem, Afar Ve'Efer Anachnu - please have mercy on us.

HASHEM has created all in this OLAM and OLAMOT we don't even know, including electricity, HASHEM sees everything, including the internet, also all Jews and non-Jews who have pledged to commit themselves to go in the path of HASHEM.

Bli Neder, I'll try very hard not to speak or hear Lashon Hara.

אבינו מלכנו, מחול וסלח לכל עוונותינו
אבינו אב הרחמן המרחם רחם נא עלינו ברחמיך הרבים
סלח לנו אבינו כי חטאנו מחול לנו מלכנו כי פשענו לך כי אל טוב וסלח אתה
אבינו מלכנו היושב במרומים הצילנו מאויבינו ברחמיך
אבינו מלכנו הצמח לנו ישועה בקרוב
אבינו מלכנו אין לנו מלך אלא אתה אבינו מלכנו למענך רחם עלינו
אבינו מלכנו חננו ועננו כי אין בנו מעשים. עשה עמנו צדקה וחסד והושיענו

When messages are given to me - and I ask questions (not by choice, either) I don't always get answered.

HaShem is angry at Am Israel and Moshiach proved it by showing that the Jews are running away from their homes, towns, and cities in Eretz Israel.

I can only explain from my simple mind.
It says המעשים המתועבים שבגינם הארץ מקיאה את יושביה.
Because of revolting actions, the land vomits her dwellers

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Blogger Yaakov Nathan said...

As the novi states "ani Hashem lo shanisi", which is explained at great length in Chassidus to include the idea that Hashem Himself, the essence of Hashem, is completely above all the worlds, completely removed from all judgement, from even the idea of "right" and "wrong".

Below that level, in our world, there is indeed "right" and "wrong" and midas haDin and midas haRachamim to judge them. Nava it seems that you are receiving your dreams directly from midas haDin. Is it emet? Yes. But there is also midas haChesed which is also emet. If your dreams were coming from that side, they would be very different BUT EQUALLY TRUE!

A mashal:
When a woman is giving birth, there are many dangers and risks to her health and the health of the baby. During a difficult delivery the doctor may consider many "interventions" to facilitate the birth. Some of them even quite drastic. From this we can learn:

1) Just because the idea of a drastic treatment arises in the doctors head does not mean that he will choose it! Is it a true and valid treatment? Yes, but there are other considerations.

2) No matter what "intervention" he may choose, IT IS ALL FOR THE GOOD OF THE MOTHER AND THE BABY!

3) Even if the situation appears to be very serious, and the doctor is considering drastic action, HE WILL NOT REVEAL THIS TO THE LABORING WOMAN! He will continue to speak to her calmly and reassuringly, because this is the ONLY WAY to improve the situation. What if he would cry out to the woman "Your labor has stalled! Oh my G-d I'm going to have to use a drastic procedure and who knows what will happen to you and your baby!?!" Would this help the woman? Would it increase the likelihood of a healthy delivery? On the contrary, the woman's blood pressure would rise, the dilation would cease, and the situation in the labor room would become even worse!

The Jewish nation is giving birth to the Messianic age right now, and the lessons above apply to our situation:

Firstly, just because the attribute of Din has a certain (emet v'kadosh) view of the situation DOES NOT MEAN that this is the only view, nor does it mean that it is the view that Hashem will accept. The attribute of Rachamim means to lean towards chesed even when midas hadin has a good case!

Secondly, even the attribute of Din is an "offspring" of chesed--it is all for one purpose: bestowing the ultimate good on Yisroel. Hashem's "anger" is not like our anger, no matter how it might appear in the one-sided world of the heichal of gevuros.

And finally, and perhaps most importantly, even if the situation in the Messianic delivery room really was so serious and drastic--we do not help with words that generate alarm and fear! The only way to help a woman who is in a difficult labor is to speak in an encouraging and reassuring manner, even though we might be asking her to do difficult or painful things and even if the doctor thinks that the situation is very serious and might require drastic action (G-d forbid). If we communicate with her in an alarming way we not have success and on the contrary we will push the situation in the opposite direction.

May Hashem bless you Nava that you should also have dreams from the heichalos of Chesed and of Rachamim so as to give a balance to the gevuradik dreams on this blog, and that we should all act as good midwives to make the delivery as easy as possible.

נכתב על פי הוראה ברורה שקבלתי מאגרות קודש כולל הפתגם: דברים היוצאים מן הלב נכנסים אל הלב ופועלים פעולתם



Anonymous Anonymous said...

"I asked Moshiach if this war in Eretz Israel is GogUMagog and if the decree to delay Moshiach's arrival will cancel the war of GogUmagog"

We wanted the delay of Moshiach.
And that happen. The War started.
This means that without Moshiach there is no peace but war, because men like fighting and destraction.

The war were million people did die have started the same way; one or two people were killed and than all the Killing machine started speeding. People did what they wanted, what they were looking for.

We hope that this noisy war will stop and the Moshiach's knocks will be listen ... not delayed.

Blogger AharonBenjamin said...

Baruch HaShem, this evening between mincha and maariv there was a fascinating slide show at the chabad here in Toronto, about the Beis HaMikdash in Yerushalaiim.

This was a really great show!

One of the things that the Rabbi (Adel) said was the following tradition that I just found on google:
"Exhibit 38b- The Mercy Gate. Near the center of the Eastern Wall is the Mercy Gate. Please note the Moslem cemetery that is in front of the gate. Under the Mercy Gate, below the cemetery, is one of the gateways into the Bais HaMikdash. It was called the Shushan Gate. An old tradition tells that Eliyahu HaNavi will lead the Moshiach into the Bais HaMikdash through the Shushan Gate. To thwart Eliyahu's plans, the Moslems built a cemetery hiding the gate. Since Eliyahu is a Cohain, he would not be permitted to go anywhere near the Shushan Gate."

Blogger nava said...

Your point is very well said and acceptable but not at such a critical time = Am Israel now is being judged under midas haDin (and not midas HaChesed) and therfore, it is harsh. The Lubavitch Rebbe z'l answered many people's inquiry thru Igrat HaKodesh ways to cancel the decree. This is cancellation of Midat HaDin.
There is no time to play with minds. Now is a critical time for Am Israel and that's why it's urgent. The time of Chesed will be when Midat HaDin is removed.
I don't see a point of arguing or discussing this. BNEI ISRAEL are at a very critical phase and it's the time to feel the urgency and not say have an easy delivery. It's time to assemble all doctors, professionals, and nurses and save the baby (so to speak...)

Anonymous Anonymous said...


Very powerful dream. Can you reveal, without giving any dates, if you were told that Moshiach's arrival is being delayed by days, months, or (G_d forbid) years?

Moshe Meir

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here is the dream I mentioned in a comment to another post.

Preface: On erev 15 Tammuz I was driving and saw the full moon just rising in all its glory, a big reddish ball low in the sky. This may have prompted the dream I had a day or two later.

The actual dream: I was in a public buidling, with very large glass windows (like a modern fancy office building). People were busy walking in all directions as is typical in such buildings. It seems that I was on the ground floor. At that point I was made to understand (somehow, I don't know if by a voice and/or a person, but the fact is that I just "knew") that I had to look out for the moon and see it. At that point I started to look around (since all the walls were large glass windows it was easy to see outside) and I was asking people "where is East" because I knew that the moon would be rising on the East. Finally I located the moon and it was very bright and red. At that point the moon rose *very quickly* to about 45 degrees. You could see around the moon a churning, greenish "cloud" that did not cover the moon but was around it. When I saw this all together, the red moon, the green/grey churning cloud, I got extremely excited and I yelled "MOSHIACH!". That was the end of the dream. I think I woke up at that point but I am not completely sure because I probably fell back asleep shortly after.

Moshe Meir

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think Yaakov Nathan's comments are vital and should be read together with your dream.

Speech contains the power of creation.

Words can kill or words can assist.

Be careful what you write and speak. Disillusionment and people turning away from Hashem is NOT what is required now.

Tracht gut und zein gut.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

בעולם הרוחני יש שינויים כל הזמן כתוצאה מהמעשים של האנשים והכל יכול להשתנות כל רגע.
אני למדתי ש-ה' לא מבטל נבואה שנאמרה לטובה אלא חייבת לבוא. אבל נבואה של פורענות ח"ו יכולה להתבטל

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just read Reb Akiva's comment and I'm pasting it on

My dear brother and fellow Jewish bloggers and commentors...

Given current events in Eretz Yisroel, and so many Jews now injured, homeless, and refugees, and so many more at risk of life and death at this very moment...

PLEASE, it's not the time for machlokes (dis-unity)!

There's always so much to disagree on, yet now it's life and death, literally. Use your forums to strengthen our achdus (unity), not, G-d forbid, the opposite.

G-d willing, there will be plenty of time for our minor family squabbles when this time has passed.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'll b'n try to daven with more Kavanah - HaShem, have mercy on Am Israel and help us to understand ahavas israel and although each is entitled to their opinion, we need to accept Your words and say NAASE VENISHMA

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Zohar HaKadosh says that those who don't believe in dreams, don't believe Yosef HaTzaddik, c'v.
IT IS NOW THE 3-WEEKS - it's time of judgment.

If someone is harmed, I'm also harmed. If someone sins, I also sin. If someone doesn't accept Hashem's messages, c'v, I am also accounted for it.
Bnei Yisrael Arevim Ze LaZe.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

YN's comments are important and leshem shamayim. But we must stay focused -
Moshiach said that Admat Kodesh (Holy Land) is also crying and I begged Moshiach to tell me how to cancel the decree. Moshiach said that Admat Kodesh is crying and is receiving a hard beating during this war.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why is this war starting and growing everyday?

Is someone waiting for Syria and Iran to be involved?

Why do these nations have to be provoced to enter the war?
To destroy them?
To destroy the whole Midle East?
To destroy the whole earth?

Who is suffering now?

911 was done for the same purpose
Wasn't that enough?

How much nust die?
How much must be destroyed?
How long will be killing and destraction in front of our eyes going on? 1 month? 1 year,10 years?

Anonymous Anonymous said...






Anonymous Anonymous said...

Chabad.info presents a list of directives of the Rebbe during the Gulf War, most are also applicable to today's situation:

1. Eretz Yisroel is the safest land because "Hashem's eyes are upon the land throughout the entire year" and it is also the site of the Beis Hamikdash.

2. There are those who are cancelling their travel plans, they should be reassured that Eretz Yisroel is indeed the safest place in the world and there is nothing to fear.

3. Jews should not stock up on food, causing food shortages nationwide.

4. To add in joy and strengthen one's faith in Hashem, from positive thinking salvation and goodness will sprout.

5. All this is only a preperation for Moshaich's coming, as quoted in "Yalkut Shmoni".

כאשר המצב בארץ מזכיר שוב את המתח ששרר בתקופת מלחמת המפרץ, שבים ומהדהדים באוזנינו דברי קודשו של הרבי כי ארץ ישראל הינה המקום הבטוח ביותר בעולם, וכפי שצוטט הרבי את לשון חז"ל "שהקב"ה אומר לישראל: 'בניי, אל תתייראו... הגיע זמן גאולתכם'". כידוע בשנת תשנ"ב הורה הרבי שלא לברוח מהארץ ואף הורה לאלו שתכננו לבקר בארץ הקודש - שלא לבטל את הביקור. לרב מניו יורק שעבר אצל הרבי ואמר לרבי כי רעייתו חוששת להגיע אל ארץ, הזכיר הרבי כי הוא הרי דברי רב ועל כן צריך לזכור את דברי המדרש. “בניי, אל תתייראו! כל מה שעשיתי, לא עשיתי אלא בשבילכם. הגיע זמן גאולתכם!”.

לאחד מהשואלים אמר הרבי: "ארץ ישראל היא המקום הבטוח ביותר". "עליכם לפרסם שאתם נוסעים לארץ ישראל, כי ישנם יהודים שמפחדים, ומפחידים אחרים, אודות הנסיעה לשם”. "יש לפרסם שנוסעים ואין מה לחשוש”. "זהו המקום הבטוח ביותר כי זהו המקום של בית המקדש”. "מסתמא תעזרו לפרסם זאת”. "מה שאמרתי הוא מתוקף העניין ד"תמיד עיני ה' אלוקיך בה" ומצד העניין דמקום המקדש שנמצא שם, והרי בזה אין שום שינוי".

הוראות הרבי בתקופת מלחמת המפרץ ב'כתבה המלאה'.

ההוראות הברורות של הרבי מלך המשיח בכל הקשור למלחמת המפרץ.:

א. ארץ ישראל היא המקום הבטוח ביותר, משום שזוהי "ארץ אשר תמיד עיני ה' אלוקיך בה" ומשום ששם נמצא המקום של בית המקדש.
ב. עליכם לפרסם שאתם נוסעים לארץ ישראל כי ישנם יהודים שמפחדים לנסוע ואף מפחידים אחרים. יש לפרסם שנוסעים ואין ממה לחשוש.

ג. לא לאגור מזון ולגרום על ידי כך להפקעת מחירים בארץ הקודש.

ד. להרבות בשמחה ולחזק את הבטחון בה'. מהדבר הזה תצמח רק טובה וגאולה לעם ישראל.

ה. כל זה אינו אלא הכנה לביאת המשיח, כפי שנאמר ב'ילקוט שמעוני'.

ו. מה שאמרתי הוא מתוקף העניין ד"תמיד עיני ה' אלוקיך בה" ומצד העניין דמקום המקדש שנמצא שם, והרי בזה אין שום שינוי.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

YN wrote: "Even if the situation appears to be very serious, and the doctor is considering drastic action, HE WILL NOT REVEAL THIS TO THE LABORING WOMAN!"

This statement contradicts the Prophets, who state that H' will do nothing unless He has first revealed it to His Prophets. The whole PURPOSE of PROPHETS was to warn the people, that they turn in teshuvah. Are the revelations that Nava is relating to us terrifying? To those who trust in man, yes; to those who trust in HaShem, no. HaShem is calling us to return to Him; we have His Word, it's time to follow it! Stop worrying about whatever kind of danger we may have to endure and focus on Torah, teshuvah and tefilla! And Tzedaka at this time would be a fabulous idea. Personally, I am praying daily through the Yom Kippur service until after Tisha B'Av.

Nava, I pray HaShem continues to give you strength. It takes a lot of courage to speak out what He has shown you.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

This must be so difficult on Nava. Have some compassion for her.

Do you think it was easy for Mordechai Hatzaddik to give his wife to a goy??? Do you think it was easy for Esther Hamalka to be married to a goy rasha???? Did Mordechai deny his Nevua that there is a harsh decree on Am Israel and quoted the past or did he cover himself in ashes and told Am Israel to do Tshuva and sat to learned Torah with children?
Did Esther Hamalka fast for 3 days becuz she wasn't hungry?

Imagine you had such messages - you would go crazy in the head from it. Nava is not answering phone calls or emails.

Yonah Hanavi zsl ran away when he had a mission to tell the people of Ninveh to do Tshuva. He almost died just so not to tell people Gd's message.

Look at this dream that she once posted -
Etti's Dream
I had a dream last nite about war! I'm telling myself in the dream that this is it - this is the war. I saw a group of people and I was with them and we ran away to find shelter. Everything was gone and then I see a jet is coming on us and started spraying gas and it was obvious it was chemical gas or biological. It looked like talc - white powder. I said to myself in the dream that USA will for sure come to our aid.

The powder gas did not harm us directly but it did. I remember in the dream that we were in a place with many rocks and caves, like in mountains. I remembered my mother and said to myself that it's a pity she didn't want to take the cell and now she will not know what is happening to me. But now I think she for sure knows what is happening with me better than any cell device.

It is so strange that I dreamed last nite about a war becuz yesterday relatively was a very calm day. Why would I think about a war or something so serious? We should hear only good news. I am going to take on myself bli neder to love every Jew more than ever.

Today I bumped into a friend and I'm really angry at her and I decided to forgive her and spoke with her as if everything was fine, although it was so difficult for me.

Ettie got so scared from the dream she removed all her human ego even though it was difficult for her.

It's not easy mission but one that must be said and done. Nava is telling us the messages becuz she has compassion for us.
Have some compassion for her. Have compassion for yourself.

Blogger Yaakov Nathan said...

The "tochachah" consists of 676 words. To offset this, the Tetragrammaton (Hashem's holy four letter name — yud-hei-vav-hei which denotes rachamim — mercy — has the numerical value of 26, and it is mentioned 26 times in the tochachah. 26x26=676. With His mercifulness, G-d converts for His beloved children — Klal Yisrael — bitter curses into sweet blessings.

Blogger Yaakov Nathan said...

When Rabbi Shneur Zalman of Liadi lived in Liozna, he was the ba'al koreih — reader of the weekly Torah portion — on Shabbat. Once, he was away for the week of Parshat Ki Tavo, and someone else read in his stead. His son, Rabbi DovBer, who later succeeded him as leader of Chabad, was not yet Bar Mitzvah and fainted when the curses were read. He was so ill that it was questionable whether he could fast on Yom Kippur. After being revived, he was asked why was he more affected now than in previous years. He replied: "When my father reads the Torah, one does not hear any curses."
To Rabbi Schneur Zalman the curses were not the ultimate Will of Hashem. On the contrary, Hashem loves His people and wants to shower them with blessings. These curses are only superficial; concealed in them are blessings which the Jewish people will eventually merit. Consequently, the term "vehayah" is appropriately used to emphasize the joy that will be experienced through these berachot.

Blogger lalikha said...

again very well said Yaakov Nathan.

Blogger Yaakov Nathan said...

R' Lazer Brody writes:

As I was coming home from hitbodedut this evening, one of Israel's secret war machines stopped to pick me up - it was Chacham Z in his battered white 1981 Fiat; he had just come back from distributing Psalms and sweets to soldiers at the local bus station. He told me to get in the car, and while he drove me home, revealed some amazing things, as follows:

PM Olmert's Speech and his brave new soul: All of Israel is still open-mouthed by the emuna, confidence, inner strength, and sanctification of Hashem's name as expressed in Prime Minister Olmert's speech late Monday. He put a kippa on his head, made a blessing for soldiers, quoted Jeremiah the prophet, and sanctified Hashem's name in a manner that commands our complete respect. I asked Chacham Z what happened to the Prime Minister; Chacham Z answered, "His name is Ehud; because of his choice to sanctify Hashem's name, he has received the soul of Ehud ben Gera (see Judges 3:16) who led Israel to a shining victory over her enemies. If PM Olmert continues in this manner, he'll rise to greatness; if he reverts to his old ways, the soul of Ehud ben Gera will leave him!" Emuna News hopes that Operation "Change of Direction" signifies a change of direction in the Prime Minister, as demonstrated by his strong, sincere, and eloquent speech yesterday evening. Such a PM has our wholehearted support.

Israel's Iron Fist: Chacham Z also noted Bibi Natanyahu's full support of the Prime Minister; "With Divine assistance, the PM rallies even his arch rivals around him. Such unity is an iron fist that guarantees Israel's triumph!"

Tzfat: I asked Chacham Z about the fact that the holy city of Tzfat is being so badly pounded at this very moment. he said, "Wait and see what shall happen in 2 weeks on the 5th of Av, the Ari's yahrtzeit; we'll be seeing big miracles in Tzfat." Meanwhile, may Hashem protect the residents of the north - their inner fortitude is remarkable.

Iran: Chacham Z claims that Iran will be hit by a major natural calamity by the 15th of Av, in three weeks. Time will tell if he's right. Chacham Z also claims that the destruction of Iran is the key to the full redemption of our people. Deep down inside, Achmedinejad knows that his end is near; like Haman before him, he's trying to enlist the forces of evil to destroy the forces of holiness, but he won't succeed. Hashem has promised to redeem His beloved children of Israel.


I should add that this subject was discussed with Eli and his brother and they said that there is nothing to worry about. When they were told that Nava was being told these things in shomayim they both replied that this is what they think in shomayim (that some Jews might be hurt), but Hashem and Moshiach do not agree. :D

Blogger nava said...

HaShem is angry at Am Israel and Moshiach proved it by showing that the Jews are running away from their homes, towns, and cities in Eretz Israel.

Someone asked what does this mean? I can only guess in my simple mind and connect to what the Torah says: when people (jews) do revolting thing, the land vomits her dweller

המעשים המתועבים שבגינם הארץ מקיאה את יושביה.

Blogger nava said...

lalikha said...
nava deleted message. If you want positive messages, do Tshuva - that also includes me.....

It's a message from HaShem..... and if anyone has complaints, it stems from LACK OF EMUNAH!!!!

It's difficult to transfer harsh messages....... But in Yonah HaNavi we see that it was more difficult not to...


והיה השם למלך על כל הארץ, ביום ההוא יהיה השם אחד - ושמו אחד ישתבח שמו לעד לנצח נצחים בכל העולמות Blessed is His name for eternity in all worlds אין עוד מלבדו