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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Reading the Luchot in Shamayim

Mon, 10 Mar 2006

I dreamt that I’m in Shamayim and a voice is telling me to read something from the Luchot (it was something I could NOT touch and it appeared heavy) it seemed to be very long - I was told that after completing the entire reading, the Geula would come immediately. My husband told me that I was saying in very difficult to understand Ivrit psukim or midrashim for about 4 hours. [+/-] show/hide text

I sang “ad de lo yada” and “Yerushalayim Shel Zahav” around 3 am (the dream began at 1 am and ended at 5 am) and I said over 20 times over and over again “lamut al kiddush HaShem”.
I couldn't see the last line or wasn't allowed to see it and I was crying "Rebbe, Rebbe, Rebbe, Rebbe, Rebbe (I think it was for Moshe Rabbeinu a'h) show me the last line so I can complete the reading". The last line was not shown to me and I was told that that the Geula is very close!!!! The only pasuk I remember saying is Yevarechecha or wanting to say it.

The Luchot looked like colorless stone. In the beginning of the dream looking at the Luchut, it seemed like the words were very tight and hard to read and it would take forever to read. The words were engraved in the Luchut. As I began reading, the words had fire in them and when saying a word, it was lit up with sparks of fire and it seemed the only word on the luchot, and each word was like that and therefore, reading it was very easy and quick without error. The words were accompanied with nekudot but it was the nekudot that accompanied the words. I was able to say it so fast and without errors.

The following morning, I drove the kids to school and after dropping off the youngest; I put my hand into my jacket pocket to reach for a cigarette. I wear this jacket everyday. I place my hand inside the pocket and feel something rough. I take it out and I see it's the small square pottery.

This square pottery have 2 psukim engraved on it - Yevarechecha and Shema. I purchased it from an old man at Eliyahu Hanavi's minhara 18 years ago. I didn't really want to purchase it but the old man convinced me and told me to keep it with me and not to lose it. I have kept it inside a small zippered pocket in my pocketbook along with a small Tehillim. I never open that zippered pocket.
I was shaking. I called my husband and asked him if he placed it in my jacket and he said no. My kids and my husband would never touch my pocketbook. I only have 1 pocketbook and never take out things and place them in another.

I have no idea how it got there!!! I check the other pocket and it was empty. I check the zippered pocket of the pocketbook and only the Tehillim is inside.




Anonymous Anonymous said...

NAVA your email nava998@yahoo.com
has three nr 8 in it:

9+9=18 + 8 = 26 = 2+6 = 8 (888)

Did you create it in purpose or it was a coincidence?

NAVA if everything that you tell is true about these dreams, than you first should know that they are not coincidence. You really connect with Light of the Hashem,Moshiach,Rebbe,Geulah etc
with a purpose which will show in the future. Keep the heat up. Fire is what we need.
Water is what we are (cold & hot).
Our boiling point will bring our Revelation.

Blogger nava said...

Actually, 998 are the first 3 digits of our home telephone number :)


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