Dreaming of Moshiach

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Deciphering Code of Moshiach's Arrival

Sunday nite (6/9/06) I had a dream and was told that there is a passuk in Neveim that if found and properly deciphered, I can know the exact time and date of Moshiach's arrival. [+/-] show/hide text
I was told the Passuk but forgot it totally. My husband heard it too (I said it out loud during sleep) but he too could not remember even 1 word. But that didn't discourage me and I started hunting for this Passuk (kind of needle in a haystack) and after many hours of effort, I realized that I will not be able to find it. Monday nite my husband dreams exactly which passuk it is and tells me in the morning that he cannot recall but thinks it's Navi Yechezkel Perek 1, Passuk 12. I analyzed the passuk all day between gematriot, at-bash, switch of letters, etc. But did not feel comfortable with the results. Tuesday nite, my husband has a dream and he is told that there is no need to do so many gematriot - and the remez looks something like this

Divrai Hayomin A
לא הניח לאיש, לעשקם; ויוכח עליהם, מלכים
He explained to my husband that when a person does Tshuva, HaShem bonds with this person and protects him from evil and the person should praise Hashem even more so
לא הניח לאיש, לעשקם
Roshei Tevot Lehallel - to praise HaShem. The passuk itself says that HaShem protects the person from harm and Hashem creates a special Angel just to protect this person.

My husband asked what is the Passuk in Navi but did not receive an answer. So all day I'm looking manually and in the computer for a passuk that can hints the date of Moshiach's arrival -
Wednesday nite I have a dream and told that I can switch the letters around - i.e. - HBYT - Happy Birthday To You and I'm told the Perek and Passuk but not which Navi.

It's getting easier to find and I think I found the Passuk and was able to decipher it and -bs'd, I was able to decipher a date and time and location. My husband and I feel that it could be it but we are not certain.

Will see what happens tonite during sleep hours. I don't want to say anything becuz not sure if the decipher was 100% correct and don't know if we have permission to say it, yet..



The dreaming of Moshiach's arrival continued b'h into Thursday nite. I was told during sleep that the passuk I deciphered during the day is the correct passuk (chasdei HaShem). I was also told that there are a few errors that need more "sharpening" and when b'h it will succeed, there will be no doubts in our mind that we achieved the answer.

My husband called a Rav Mekubal in Tzfat and told him about these dreams and its nightly continuation. The Rav was astonished and amazed at the Chiddush my husband was told thru a dream about LEHALLEL and the Rav told him that all his life he studied Torah (he is a Rosh Yeshiva) and he says this passuk daily (in Hudo LeHashem, right after Baruch She'amar) and never connected the initials to the passuk.He didn't discourage my husband but told him that much spiritual Koach will be needed to be "pulled" from Shamayim to decipher the passuk correctly. He said there are and were so many Tzaddikim that tried in every way to know when Moshiach's arrival will be and did not succeed in this knowledge.

He gave us a bracha that we should b'h have much bs'd to find the code.

VERY IMPORTANT - Moshiach arrival will be Achishena and not Be'ita -chasdei HaShem- this information is 1000% - without a doubt and I was also told that Moshiach Achishena's arrival is very connected to Gaza (AKA Gush Katif


Tuesday, June 20, 2006

B'h, I found the passuk and Shamayim let me decipher it completely without a doubt, CHASDEI HASHEM. Each way I turn it, I get the same date and time.

Moshiach's arrival is closer than we can imagine. The dream I had last week was thru Ruach Hakodesh and it started Sunday, continued Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. It was Thursday when I finally found the Passuk and that nite, I was told in a dream that it's the correct passuk but need to "sharpen" the code. My husband had a dream Wednesday nite and a Malach (angel) told him about LEHALLEL and that I will find the passuk and decipher it successfully. The Malach gave my husband a sign that when I deciper it correctly, there will be NO doubt in my mind that this is the date of Moshiach's arrival and each way I'll turn the Passuk, I will get the same date.

There is not much time before the gates of this Olam will shut close - do chesed, tshuva, learn Torah, ask forgiveness, pay back any loans that were not repaid yet, daven, - collect more Mitzvot - every second counts

The passuk is fromShmuel I, Perek 6, passuk Alef
ויהי ארון יהוה בשדה פלשתים, שבעה חדשים





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