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Sunday, March 04, 2018

Blessings for Abundance for Passover

A tremendous Segula for Passover from the Kozhnitzer Maggid, zsk'l, for Passover housework to be a breeze and also a blessing of abundance for the holiday. He revealed three well-known stories related to Pesach and following 3 stories should be said on כ"א אדר the 21st of Adar (March 9 2018 Thursday) the passing date of  Rabbi Elimelech of Lizhensk זי"ע.  (In Hebrew click on the following link:  http://www.shorashim.info/ArticlePrint.asp?ArticleID=280)

1. There was poor Jew that that found himself before Pesach without a penny, he wrote a letter to the Almighty and placed the letter in the forest by a tree trunk. The next day the king of the country appeared with a group of hunters and the king noticed the letter, when he saw it was written in honor of the king he thought it was addressed to him. The king sent a large sum of money to the Jew according to the inscription of the letter and the poor man had a great deal of money for the Passover holiday. As the Creator of the world helped the poor, so too He will help us.

2. A certain Jew was selling wine before Pesach to provide for the upcoming holiday expenses. He went from country to country, but at one border, the guards seized his barrel, since he lacked the proper licenses. The Jew quickly traveled to the Rebbe Reb Noam Elimelech of Lizhensk, (aka Reb Meilech) and told him the problem. Reb Meilech told him to tell the guards to taste the contents of the barrel; that it was only water. The Jew did as the Rebbe had told him and the border officials were surprised to find that the Jew was telling the truth! They returned the barrel to him, but then he went back to the Rebbe, crying:"Now how can I provide for my family for the holiday? The barrel of wine was my only way of earning a livelihood and now it's full of water!" Reb Meilech told him to taste the contents of the barrel. To his delight, it was full of wine once again! And the Jew had all the necessities for Pesach in abundance and iy'h us too!

3. There was a certain Jew who worked hard for his landlord, the Poritz. One day the Poritz said, "It's lucky for you that I support you. Otherwise, you would starve!" In his simple faith, the Jew answered, "What are you saying? There's a G-d in Heaven and He provides for all His creatures. If the Poritz won't serve as G-d's agent, G-d will find me another." The Poritz angrily banished the Jew from his property. This occurred right before Pesach. This poor Jew now had no money to buy the necessary provisions.The Poritz had a huge treasury where he kept all his gold. He would go in from time to time to count and polish his coins. He would spit on each coin and then polish it till it shone. The Poritz' pet monkey would go with him into the treasury and watch him. He saw his master put the coins close to his mouth; he thought that the Poritz was eating the coins! Monkey see, monkey do. The monkey copied his master and feasted on the gold coins. The monkey ate so many coins that it died. When the Poritz came into his treasury and saw the dead monkey, he didn’t realize the cause of its death. His anger had not abated, and he commanded his servant to throw the monkey into the Jew's house, to teach him a lesson. "If I don't provide for him, no one will!" The servant threw the monkey in through the window. When it landed, its stomach burst and all the gold coins came pouring out. Then the Jew was able to buy an abundance of provisions for Pesach.

On the seder night, the Poritz sent his servant to see how the Jew was suffering without food. But the servant reported that the Jew's house was full of food and drink. The Poritz later sent for the Jew and asked him from where he'd had money. The Jew told the Poritz how someone had thrown a dead monkey into his house and that hundreds of gold coins had burst from it. The Poritz then admitted, "Now I truly see that Hashem provides for us all." And the Jew had all the necessities for Pesach in abundance. In the same way HaShem helped the Jew, HaShem will help us all to have plentiful materialistic and spritual.

On the Shabbat of the blessing of Chodesh Nissan (March 10, 2018) again tell the stories in the same order however story number changes as follows:

2. A rich Jew used to invite every year lots of guests for the Passover Seder. Unfortunately, the wheel turned and he became a very poor man. As the days of Pesach approached he and his wife were very gloomy. Suddenly he heard from a proclamation from the king's court. The announcement said that a ring had been lost from the king's treasure and whoever finds it will receive a big reward. The Jew jumped for joy and ran to the king's room and suggested to the king that he be given half of the prize money so that he could search for the ring. The king gave him half the sum and with that money the Jew prepared generously for the Passover Seder and invited lots of guests as always. On the night of Passover, one of the officers told the king that the Jew is not searching for the ring. The king and the ministers came to his house and peered through the window to verify the officer's words. To the king's surprise, he saw a lighted house with great splendor and a Shulchan Aruch, and everyone singing "Dayenu". The king turned to the ministers and said, "The Jew revealed the name of the person that stole the ring. One of the ministers was named Dayenu. The king arrested the minister and searched his house and found his ring. The king was so happy and completed the amount of the reward to the Jew after Passover.  Just as a Jew was able to celebrate Passover like a king, so will the Creator help us also.

May you all be blessed with abundant resources for a happy and Kosher Pesach, may your tables abound with guests who enlighten your Seder with gems of Torah, may you and your children and your children's children always be healthy. May your seder table be blessed with the visible revelation of Eliyahu haNavi in preparation for the coming of Melech Moshiach.Amen.

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