Dreaming of Moshiach

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Come Home !

Guest post by Rachel

I have many dreams that are linked to one another and each has its own headings.  Please take note that these dreams are very explicit and difficult to read. However, I feel a sense of urgency to post them especially for American Jews. The dreams are as follows:

I received a dream several months ago about impending danger coming to New York City. I dreamt that a guy was being interviewed by a news station that wanted him to compare an event that just occurred to that of what took place on 9/11. I remember feeling the ambiance of the place as being very dark. The news room was moved to a very small room and not located in a normal newsroom as we generally see on television. He was sharing on video that “9/11 pales in comparison to what just happened. New York City or central Manhattan was detonated by a nuclear bomb leaving thousands upon thousands dead.” This also resulted in complete chaos and complete civil unrest causing gangs to kill others by the masses. There will be no food coming to New York City; so many people will begin to starve. This will lead the Goyim to go insane and will cause them to blame the Jews for this incident. They will go after the Jews and kill and maim them alive. Hashem told me this will happen in about a year to three years from now (give or take). The Jews of New York should LEAVE before they are suddenly killed by helter skelter gangs. I urge anyone reading this to warn the Jews to make aliya as soon as possible. You are safer in Israel than in America.

I received a dream by Hashem that the United States is in the middle of a war. There are many military tanks on the ground patrolling areas in order to control the civil unrest of the American people. There are many civilians fleeing for safety; however, there are others caught up in the terror attacks. I saw missiles from Russia and China exploding on the ground killing countless civilians. I remember Hashem’s audible voice saying that the war is because there are so many Jews in America who are assimilated, so He maintains that the coming World War III will be the direct result of Jews becoming “Reform” and abandoning G-d’s Torah in favor of assimilating into gentile society. I hope this is a wake-up call for the Jews to fulfill their mission in this world, which is to be a “light unto the nations”. Are you ready to make aliya? Jews will be protected in Israel, but not in the United States. I urge any Jew to make aliya

 I had many dreams in which there were severe food shortages in the stores, which led people to use violence against one another to buy what they could find. This meant the use of knives and weapons to threaten others. I saw that food was exorbitantly overpriced and you were getting substantially smaller portions. I remember getting a small plate of food that was of very poor quality for $150.00. That just represents how expensive it was to buy food at the time. People were looting and stealing from stores and even stealing from food trucks that the government had to put in place guards to prevent such theft.

 I dreamt a very horrible and vivid dream that needs to be shared. Hashem showed me that once America goes bankrupt, everyone will go insane about not having any money. Their blood will boil with pure hatred and rage and will accuse all the Jews for having caused this economic crisis. People will go from house to house and especially to the Jews, because people will believe the Jews have all of the money, which is not true. If they find any valuable possessions, they will torture and maim the Jew alive. Also, I saw mobs of people roaming the streets and going after the rich. The very poor felt they were entitled to the possessions belonging to the rich and ended up burning villages and houses to a crisp. With no money, people will begin to starve and soon they will start killing people in order to stay alive. I saw gruesome scenes, in which Jews were being killed and used as sacrifices for meat offerings. I know it is really hard to take in, but I have to say this is the truth and you need to warn any Jew you come into contact with the great urgency of making aliya to Israel.

 I saw many American policemen taking over the United States. I saw a scenario being played out and it looked as if the policemen were secretly neo-Nazis and portraying Jews as criminals when they really were innocent. I saw that the police was behind the rising anti-Semitism taking place in the United States. They were just brutal against any Jew they came across meaning they would beat them mercilessly, curse them and even rape the women.

I dreamt a very vivid dream, in which I was in my spirit and saw the building of concentration camps throughout the United States. I saw the military building them in order to reduce the population size. The military and government personnel were discussing that the Jews were their prime target and will “repeat history like the Holocaust during World War II only this time it will be a lot worse”. I saw they issued a decree to kill all the Jewish children, so there will definitely be no children survivors. Then my dream ended.

I have had several dreams about riots erupting all over America leading to severe civil unrest. In my dreams, there were multitudes of youth roaming the streets, because there was no electricity. I saw they were imitating what they have seen on television and in their video games by virtue of lighting on fire towns, including buildings and houses. They were also stealing, looting all over town and fighting the police. I saw that this catastrophe (lack of a normal routine with no electricity and commerce) will bring out the worst in people. People we have never imagined committing violent acts or breaking the law will suddenly commit them out of a fear of not surviving.

Comments: I understand that it is hard to read these things but feel very strongly that the Jewish public needs to read it. Even if a very few read this and make the move to Israel then B"H, my job is done. I just hope more Jews heed to these warnings.
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