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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

FC with Ben Goldin; Biggest Rosh HaShana in History

Elul 21, September 5, 2007

Binyamin: The biggest Rosh HaShana in history.

Yes, I want to give a message today, even though it seems that everything was already said. Truthfully everything was said -- just one more thing this week, before Rosh HaShana.

This week the situation will worsen, will worsen. It might not seem so, but underneath, it is, very much. The world is preparing itself for a big change. The change will be to the world of truth. The people of truth will be able to receive it because no othera can live in the world of truth.

A deceitful person breathes lies, lives lies, eats lies, everything he does that gives him life are lies. For the deceitful person, the world of truth is poisonous air. The truth is poison for him, the food is poison for him, the food of truth is poison for the deceiptful person. All that will be in the world of truth will be poison for the person of lies and therefore, he won't be able to live in it.

Nothing I'm saying is new, I have already said it several times, but not every person understands its meaning. It means that most people live in this world are liars, deceiptful. It means that most Jews in the world are liars. It's tremendously scary because it's not the minority, but the majority. Very scary...

HKB'H weeds out the holy sparks from the impurity and the rest of it is dumped like garbage. This is the message.

It's true that big war are going to happen, in every area there will be a war. The land (Israel) will not be destroyed, but many countries will disappear from history, including the residents. Only the truth will have the power and control.

If you will not repent before Rosh HaShana... This will be the biggest Rosh HaShana in history, the most significant in all of history. If you will not repent by Rosh Hashana, oy to everyone. Oy to those that think this is a joke, oy to those that don't want the extreme side of Judaism, oy to all those that think they can live in both worlds; in the world of spirituality and in the world of materialism. Oy to Am Israel, the chosen nation, loved by HKB'H.

This is the real Day of Judgment. The Day of Judgment to the whole world, as it is every year, but this year, we will arrive to the biggest change since our exit from Egypt.

This is the reason that the stars, weather, sky, earth, sea, and all that live inside it are preparing and are ready for the big change. Except the person whom is still trapped in his egg, except people whom are still trapped in their lies. If there will not be authentic Teshuva, all those that will not do sincere Teshuva, will disappear.

Those that will do Teshuva, will arrive to the days of Moshiach and live in Olam Haba. Every minute in Olam Haba is a life of pleasures, a life of completeness, a life of nearness to HKB'H, a life of Torah and its commandments, a life of happiness, a life of sitting and enjoying the holy LIGHT. This is the entire goal of this Olam and purpose of creation - to bring the Jew to completeness. It's a difficult concept to understand completely. But we know that it's a very pleasurable thing, the maximum satisfaction that ever existed.

Question: What are suppose to do this big Rosh HaShana?
Answer: Teshuva! Thorough cleansing. Clean every sin and transgression ever since birth, as much as possible. After Rosh HaShana, we will feel that we were just in a marathon, walked 100's of miles. This means that after Rosh HaShana, we will be exhausted from all the work we did. When the person is praying, in his mind he should think of every sin he ever committed. His heart should break from it, he should feel broken for all the sins he committed. Those that will do authentic Teshuva will be protected.

The Sitra Achra (Satan) will put much efforts to cause people not to want to do Teshuva. A Jew can arrive in the synagogue but feel a rock in his heart. He'll be unable to cry.

Question: If that's the case, what should we do?
Answer: Start thinking about the sins and feel sorry. When you feel the tears coming, the rock disappeared from your heart.

Question: Rosh HaShana means devotion for the crowing of HaShem, it's not for the individual self.
Answer: Our 'personal me' (ego) does not go hand-in-hand with Teshuva. It's true, when a person examines himself and cries for the sins he committed, this enables him to love Am Israel and HKB'H. Authentic Teshuva is running away from the ego. This does not mean that a person should forget Am Israel till he feels exactly the way he's supposed to feel - that he really loves Am Israel until there's no 'personal me'. He needs to do chesed for Am Israel, even if it's not on a high spiritual level, to pray, and open the heart and get nearer to HaShem. To do complete Teshuva. Without HKB'H's help, there is no Teshuva.

From Rosh HaShana till Hoshana Raba (last day of Succot), we must do a special Teshuva. All year round we need to do Teshuva but this is a special time for Teshuva.

Imagine to yourself that we are standing by Har Sinai and HaShem is raising the mountain. If we don't accept to do Teshuva, HaShem will crush the mountain on top of us. This is exactly the situation we are in now.

Question: This is Teshuva from fear.
Answer: Yes, it's Teshuva from fear, but there are also enough people that don't need the mountain on top of them. The majority needs the mountain. Very few do Teshuva because of the love towards HaShem. The majority does Teshuva because of the suffering, because of the partition between them and HKB'H.

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