Dreaming of Moshiach

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Warnings from Heaven's High Court

Avraham Yosef was 25 years old when he died for the first time. "I was an electrician, and I was working in an industrial building when I unplugged the drill I was using, slipped, and got electrocuted," says the now 63-year-old, turning over his hand to reveal the small, rectangular scar on his right palm where the electrical plug struck him.

"I screamed and then lost consciousness," he says. "My brother who was working with me heard me scream and called an ambulance. But by the time they got me to the emergency room, I was dead."

At Jerusalem's Shaare Zedek hospital, doctors administered paddles to his chest and attempted to defibrillate his heart, but to no avail. Minutes later, they declared Yosef dead, but suggested to the family that they double the electrical voltage of the defibrillator in an attempt to shock his heart and resuscitate him. He was already dead, they reasoned, and therefore it would do no harm to try.

The family agreed, and the voltage was increased to 1000 watts - a quantity the physicians admitted they had never attempted when administering an electric shock to a patient's heart. Yosef's heart began to beat again, albeit faintly, and the relieved doctors reported that he was alive.

But Yosef had been clinically dead for seven minutes, and the risks of brain damage were high, they warned his family, and chances were that due to the trauma his brain suffered, he would never be the same again.

When he awoke days later, Yosef was in a severely weakened state and had no memory of the accident. Upon returning home two weeks later, his wife had to take care of him as one would a baby, feeding and bathing him while he regained his strength.

And then suddenly, while sitting at home one day, Yosef remembered everything, and as his doctors predicted, he would never be the same again.

"When I died, my soul went up," he states calmly from his home in Jerusalem. "There was a room I was standing in, and in front of me was an open door. Everything was white, but not white like the walls, a pure white, a white that we don't have here in this world.

"The doors in front of me opened and I saw a spectacular sight: In front of me was a man sitting on a high chair, two men sat on either side of him, and on either side of me were six other men. They looked like regular people, but were wearing this pure white, with pure white beards and white hair. They had no wrinkles or blemishes on their faces and their eyes were glowing, as if there was fire or light emanating from them. They were all beautiful."

Though he only died for seven minutes, Yosef experienced a lengthy encounter with what he called the judges of the world to come, who did not identify themselves to him. They did, however, leave him with lasting messages to impart to the Jewish people and its leaders upon his return to this world.

"They said they invited me because I had zechut avot (merits of the fathers - credit from their good deeds)," says Yosef, explaining that his father had been a great rabbi in Iran, where he built a synagogue for the Jewish community and provided them with a Torah scroll. When his family moved to Israel, his father continued to work in construction, and as such also had the merit "of building the land of Eretz Yisrael."

For that reason, Yosef says, the Beit Din shel Ma'ala (high court of heaven) promised to return him to this world with critical messages for the leaders of Israel, along with the warning that unless they amend their wicked behavior, tragedy will be inevitable.

"They told me it can't be that there are people in Israel who are starving, it can't be that the rich continue getting richer and the poor continue getting poorer," recounts Yosef from a 17-page document he wrote by hand as soon as he remembered the encounter more than 35 years ago.

The document comprises a complex list of the major modern transgressions of the Jewish people, including intermarriage of Jews with non-Jews, disrespect among Jews of Jewish tradition and customs and even cruelty to animals. But most sinful, reported Yosef, was the leadership of the State of Israel.

"The government and regime of Israel is corrupt and must change their ways," continues Yosef. "Those elected to the Knesset must be chosen according to the rules laid out in the Torah, and not according to money and power."

If the leaders of Israel don't change their ways, Yosef was warned, just as the Holy Temple was twice destroyed, so too the Zionist state will be destroyed - in 2012.

"A charismatic leader from an Islamic state will gather two million soldiers from all the Islamic countries and they will attack us, killing one-and-a-half million Israelis," Yosef explains in his surprisingly calm voice. "We will launch the atom bomb and kill 10-15 million Arabs in two days, and tens of millions of others will die from radiation poisoning."

Nonetheless, he was told, the Arab nations will conquer Israel for a period of nine months to a year, after which God will perform a miracle and free us from their oppression, willing us to repent and reform and bring about the coming of the Messiah and ultimate salvation.

But all of this can be avoided, he maintains, if the leaders of Israel and the entire Jewish nation change their ways.

"For 2,000 years we have been in exile, and we still haven't learned our lesson," he professes. "If we change our ways, redemption will come."

Power and riches will also come to the Jewish nation, says Yosef, revealing that there is indeed oil to be found under Israeli soil - near Jerusalem and on the way down to Eilat.

But unfortunately, he adds, immorality has only increased since that time, and so he expects the worst.

When the "judges" finished instructing Yosef on his mission upon his return to this world, Yosef says he walked backwards through the room and the anteroom and found himself back in his body, where he remained in a coma for five days.

Though there was a time when he tried fervently to speak with members of government and warn them of these messages, after being laughed at, embarrassed and even physically threatened by members of the Knesset, Yosef stopped trying.

"I think everything I was told will happen," he says. "But I'm not scared. I already know what death is."





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