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Sunday, June 03, 2007

Pidyon HaNefesh

With permission, I'd like to share a beautiful and powerful letter from Reb Ron Benvenisti, owner of Sound Assets, in reference to An Open Letter To You.

I do not know the details, I never want to know such things. I just had a horrible feeling and that was it. The Sefer Pardes (Rabbi Moshe Cordovero, zs'l), explains the concept and existence of a Shaid (demon) Yisrael; it is also explained in Likkutei Moharan. Rabbi Nachman, zs'l, describes such a “Talmid Chacham” in detail with additional sources from Midrash, Mislei, Tehillim, Navi and Chumash and his own interpretations.

These beings have learned how to manipulate the holy letters and vowels of the Torah in a great rebellious transgression against the Zohar. That is the reason why it has been hidden for so many generations, only passed by Mesorah from Rebbe to Talmid under very strict circumstances. The demon masquerades as a Mekubal and/or Talmid Chacham, and is very convincing in the act. It further tells us that this type of thing can continue even in the next world!!!!! The SM has a great lust for the innocent and righteous souls (who are close to their Tikkun – correction) and those of us who know specific information must relay it to others, may G-d Help us. Al Pi Kabbalah these fakers (murderers - Mamash) will return as cats (for Kishuf) and as donkeys and dogs for arayot and they will be finished.

You are required to warn others who may come into contact with him if you are certain that he is continuing this abhorrent and dangerous behavior.

I don’t suggest exposing him on the web. Those who are on the right path have already understood from what has happened and you need not worry about that. It is only those who may be vulnerable, that you know personally, who may have some interaction with him that you must warn – in a very quiet way, such as, “If you trust me as a friend, I urge you to reevaluate your position with him.” And leave it at that.

Today we are in the Keitz of the 6th day when it is easy to access this information even in the public library. This is a huge part of the test of the latter generation that we are in, when the Torah will cover the earth as a wellspring. The waters from below are ascending from this world and even from the evil that is in it. But this mixture has to be refined, the Berurim is what our job today is all about, and we are very unprepared because we have not allowed the true Tzadikkim to be our leaders, as it says in the Gemara in Sota regarding that the era of Mashiach’s generation has the face of a dog.

Yes, this is serious stuff, our leaders are not preparing us in the right way Rachmana Letzlan, and I am so sad and fearful to make such a statement, Lo Aleinu, but I see no other explanation. One needs to learn the Pnimiyut HaTorah from our recent Gaonim like the Ba’al HaTanya, Rabbi Nachman of Breslev, The Kabbalah of The Vilna Gaon and the Ba’al HaSulam, zs'l, to truly understand what is going on in this world today, in this generation. They are the lights of the latter generation before Mashiach and will prepare us in the depth and details of what we need to know from the true teachings of the Holy Zohar and its True Holy students throughout the ages. But beware because even amongst their followers, B’Klal, there will be charlatans, Rachmana LeTzlan.

Let us all keep praying for each other specifically in the matter of Hashem assisting us in dealing with evil in all it’s manifestations as disguised and as clever as they are. Particularly this kind of demon that feeds of off the Kedushah of Chochmah!!!!!

If you feel you have been harmed by fake mekubalim, reach out to authentic Chachamim/Rabbanim/Mekubalim to do a Pidyon HaNefesh for you. Reb Yaakov writes:

I strongly suggest Rabbi Eliexer Berland Shilia, one of the greatest Tzaddikim alive today. Whenever I feel Din (judgement), I quickly send paypal donation and a request for Pidyon HaNefesh and insantanously, I feel it all disappears.




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Please delete this scam-advertisement for the shuvu banim \ berland cult.

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