Dreaming of Moshiach

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Carpet Bomb Gaza

Sephardic Maran Rabbi Mordechai Eliyahu Shlita has written a letter to PM Olmert which states that all civilians living in Gaza are guilty for Kassam attacks on Sderot. He further wrote, that there was absolutely no moral Issur against the indiscriminate killing of civilians during a potential massive military offensive on Gaza aimed at stopping the firing of rockets. He holds that the entire Gaza City is responsible because they do nothing to stop the constant firing of Kassam rockets.

Rabbi Eliyahu’s son, Harav Shmuel Eliyahu Shlita, chief rabbi of Safed, said his father opposed a ground troop incursion into Gaza that would endanger IDF soldiers. Rather, he advocated carpet bombing the general area from which the Kassams were launched, regardless of the price in Palestinian life.

“If they don’t stop after we kill 100, then we must kill a thousand,” said Harav Shmuel Eliyahu. “And if they do not stop after 1,000 then we must kill 10,000. If they still don’t stop we must kill 100,000, even a million. Whatever it takes to make them stop.”




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