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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Gilgul of Animals

Every Wednesday, Kol Haneshama radio station hosts HaRav Shlomo Ofer Shlita. Many people call during his program to have their dreams translated and after hearing many of his interpertations, I got hooked on this program. (I also called him once to translate a dream).

One of the most fascinating phone calls was from a man who called on behalf of his brother. His brother dreamed that him and his girlfriend went to a wedding and his girlfriend spilled tar on the bride and her white dress got ruined. When they returned home from the wedding, he saw his girlfriend covered totally in black tar and as he tried cleaning her, tar was flowing, covering him as well. Too tired to clean, they went to sleep. While sleeping, he dreamed that there was a donkey sleeping between both of them. He tried to kick the donkey out of their bed, but the donkey would not budge. Then the donkey opened his mouth and swollowed his girlfriend whole. 2 seconds later, the donkey swollowed him whole too. They were both squeezed inside the stomache of the donkey, covered in tar. The girlfriend and him were fighting inside, kicking and slapping each another.

He woke up in cold sweat. He quickly got dressed and ran to his mother's house and it's been 5 weeks, he refuses to speak to anyone, hardly eats, and doesn't want to take any phone calls. He stopped going to work and refuses to speak to the girlfriend. The brother stated that they are not a religious family but his brother started wearing Kipa and reading Tehillim.

Rav Shlomo Ofer Shlita interperted the dream immediately. He asked the brother if the girlfriend is a married woman. The brother said that she left her husband over 10 years ago but did not get a Jewish divorce (get). Rav Shlomo Ofer Shlita said that this dream was a dream of chesed and a warning.

The tar represents the dirt of the married woman and she spilled it on the bride's white dress because she is a wicked woman who wants everyone to be miserable. The brother dreamed that the tar spilled also on him because her wickedness influenced him and he sinned with her. About the donkey, Rav Shlomo Ofer Shlita explained that a man that goes with a married woman (adulters), reincarnate into a donkey and it's great sufferings.

The Arizal writes: If a man's good deeds outweigh his evil ones, his soul passes into a human body; otherwise, into that of an animal.
Incest causes the soul to pass into the body of an unclean animal;
Adultery, into that of a donkey;
Weak faith and the nonfulfillment of the commandment of a holy man, into a dog;
Those who speak ill of tzaddikim and hasidim, into a dog;
Pride in a leader of a community, into that of a bee;
Forgery of amulets, into that of a cat;
Cruelty toward the poor, into a crow;
Denunciation, into that of a barking cur;
Causing a Jew to eat unclean flesh, into a leaf of a tree which endures great suffering when shaken by the wind;
Neglect to wash the hands before meals, into a river;

It is related that once Rabbi Isaac Luria, zs'l, was late to a wedding. He explained his tardiness by saying that on the way he encountered a dog that barked at him. The Arizal asked him who he was, and the dog replied that he was the gilgul of Gehazi. When Elisha, zs'l, ordered the reviving of the son of the Shunammite with his staff, Gehazi did not believe in the miracle that was about to take place. On his way he saw a dead dog that had been cast at the side of the road, and he tried out the prophet's staff on it. The dog did indeed come back to life, but the staff could no longer have an effect on the body of the youth. Gehazi's punishment was to transmigrate in a dog.

Once a group of hasidim traveled together to Rabbi Naphtali, zs'l. On the way they saw a large dog that barked and chased them. They thought that it must have been the gilgul of a mitnaged in a dog, and when they were traveling to the tzaddik, it barked at them. A wagon that passed by them ran over the dog, and it died. When they came to the tzaddik, Rabbi Naphtali told them, "Know, young men, that what the world says is true, that the gilgul of a mitnaged was in the dog!"

Tikun for the Dog. Sodot did a movie about animals searching for a tikun.




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